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Do you want to have electronics skills? The best learning is making a simple electronic project. There are over 250+ posts on my site. I like the simple electronics projects that worked surely. You also are like me. Because I know that you need to have a great experience.

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Searching them as you want in categories, may be difficult for you.  So, I will show you the top 100 list of projects.

I like small or mini-projects using simple and low cost. Like diodes, transistors, digital electronics ICs and more.

Imagine you need a LED flasher circuit. You have many choices to do.
first, transistors circuit. Second, 555 timer version. And later, Arduino.

Which is better? For me, Easy and cheap is better. I pick the transistor version first. Then, IC-555 or op-amp. For Arduino is so expensive for only LED blink.

Who is suitable for these? …

  • Those who interested as a hobby
  • Student schools
  • ECE(Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  • EEE(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) students
  • Those who interested as a hobby. Some are over 60 years old love Electronics too.
  • Also, study homeschooling the same us.

It is a good learning by doing!

If the project does not work, we learn the solution. It is not a failure, but it is another way of learning.

Most simple electronic circuits, we assemble on universal PCB Board. Because cheaper and faster than buy KITS.

If you try to create these mini electronic projects with small circuits. And get the results out.

Please remember to share it with us.

Mini Projects for beginner

Any success or failure is a good learning

I tell you frankly that I did not test all the Electronic circuits Projects shown on this website. So there might be some circuits that do not work well as they should be.

Anyone who tests and finds some projects that do not work at all or do not work well. Please inform me so that we will find out together what the problems are.

Anyways, some friends have built some projects as same as those shown on the website. And found that they worked well.

I believe that any success and failure of the projects are all good learning.

Top 100 Simple Electronic Projects for you

Power Amplifiers

A lot of Power amplifier circuit diagram with PCB

Do you want to listen to loud music? Yes, you need to use these power amplifiers.

I collect them on this post so easy to read.

See Top 5 Amplifier Projects

TDA2050 amplifier stereo 35W-75W

TDA2050 amplifier stereo 35W-75W

If you would like to build a HI-FI power amplifier project that power output size about 30 watts to 75W. […]

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TDA2030 Bridge amplifier circuit with PCB

TDA2030 Bridge amplifier project 35 watts

Use only one IC. Its output power is 14 watts. But if use 2 ICs mixed in Bridge BCL amplifier mode. Oh.. the output is 35 watts.

Read more

TDA2030 Bridge amplifier project 35 watts

TDA2030 Bridge amplifier circuit

This is a TDA2030 Bridge amplifier circuit diagram with PCB. You may have used this IC number. If we use ...
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TDA2030 Datasheet Audio Amplifier Circuits Pinout

TDA2030 Datasheet Audio Amplifier Circuits Pinout

If you need to build the amplifier circuit for your home. The TDA2030 Audio Amplifier Circuit may be the best ...
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Tone control circuits using op amp NE5532

5 Tone control circuits using op-amp NE5532

Are you wanting to hear good music? There are many factors to do. But this is an important thing that ...
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TDA2050 amplifier stereo 35W-75W

TDA2050 amplifier stereo 35W-75W

If you would like to build a HI-FI power amplifier project that power output size about 30 watts to 50 ...
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Hi Fi audio tone control circuit using low noise transistors

Hi Fi audio tone control circuit using low noise transistors

If you are looking for a Hi-Fi audio tone control circuit. This may be the best choice for you. Because ...
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TDA2822 stereo amplifier datasheet

TDA2822 stereo amplifier circuit with pcb & datasheet

This is TDA2822 small stereo power amplifier. People like TDA2822. Me too. Why? Dual Amplifiers in one DIP-8 similar for ...
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LM386 audio amplifier circuit project

LM386 audio amplifier circuit with PCB

Though LM386 audio amplifiers are very old. But they still have a lot of useful. Thanks, designer. Imagine your audio ...
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Small hearing aids circuit project

Cheap & Small hearing aids circuit project

This is cheap hearing aids circuit project. Or a small listen booster is a simple function. They are similar to ...
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4 types of Preamplifier circuits using Transistors

4 types of Preamplifier circuits using Transistors

If we want a good quality sound system. The first thing that we should choose, the good preamplifier circuit. Some ...
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50W OCL Audio Power Amplifier using 2N3055

2N3055 Amplifier circuit with PCB, 50W to 60W

These are 4 simple 50w OTL audio amplifier circuits using 2N3055 as main parts. We can build easy and cheap. It's ...
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You can’t find this circuit, right? These circuits I have chosen.
Click here: Power amplifier with PCB


If you want to convert a DC low voltage to AC volt output.  You should these circuits. See Top 10 list below.

  • Simplest Inverter circuit using transistors
    Very simple 50 watts inverter circuit using MJ2955

    If you have only 5 minutes, but you need to use a small light bulb with a 12V battery.  How to do it? This will show build the simplest inverter. Just 2 transistors, 2 resistors, and a transformer only.
  • Small high volts shock
    high volt shock using transistor-2SC1815

    If you want to make a funny circuit for people. This circuit may make a laughter.  It is a small high volts shock circuit. The output is low current. It is not harmful to people. On circuit has a few components just two small NPN transistors, 2 resistors, and a transformer. So easy to builds and inexpensive!

Not only that you can see all at :: Inverter Circuits

Power Supplies

Top 100 power supply circuits

I love energy every circuit needs to use energy. So, I love to collect many power supply diagram. You may like them like that me.

12V to 5V converter step down regulator:
In many ways. To convert 12V source to 5V DC supply for digital circuit, microcontroller and More!

0-60V Dual Variable supply using LM317 & LM337:
This is a 0-60V, Dual Variable power supply circuit using LM317 and LM337 at 1.5A current so can build to easy with PCB layout, adjustable voltage VR1, VR2

Look more: Power Supply Projects

DC to DC converter

Battery chargers

Automatic battery charger circuit:
Using the small SCR and relay is cheap and can use all battery size by input source.

LM317 Lead Acid battery charger

Automatic Ni-MH battery charger

Portable power pack for mobile phones

Make solar aa battery charger by TL497

Converts a supply to automatic 12V charger

Battery full charge alarm circuit

Simple nicad battery charger circuit

Solar Cell

  1. Outdoor solar lights circuits
  2. Simplest Automatic Solar Light
  3. Simple Solar light alarm circuit
  4. Automatic night LED light switch Project Using Digital gate and transistors

Others audio system

RF circuits

Oscillator generator

Dimmers and Controls

  • 8 AC Light Dimmers:
    Many ideas!   Why use it? Imagine in your bedroom too bright. Change a light bulb to low watts. It is not convenient. So, if you can adjust brightness. Is it great? Also, reduce wastage of an iron solder and more.

Timer & Delay

If you want to turn on a light for 2 hours. Or, you need limit time you kids watch the computer for 1 hour. These circuits may better tool for us. Look at below.

Cheap Digital time clock with alarm circuit by LM8560

LM8560 Digital clock circuit diagram with alarm

LM8560 is digital clock circuit IC that electronic amateurs are most interested. And The clock ICs that most popular are LM8361, ...
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CD4060 Timer Circuit 22 seconds to 4 hours

This is IC 4060 Timer circuit. When rises time that is set, Suppose set 5 minutes time. after all time ...
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5-30 minuts timer circuit using IC 555

5-20 minuts timer circuit using IC 555

Here is a 555 timer circuit project. You can use it for the snooze alarm with a buzzer. When on-time ...
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Motor controls

LED flasher, Lighting

Digital circuits

Meter, Detector




Tone Generator, Music, Melody



Electronics Learning

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I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

Apichet Garaipoom

I love the electronic circuits. I will collect a lot of circuit electronics to teach my son and are useful for everyone.
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