Insects and mice repellent circuit using IC556

Last updated on September 4th, 2020 at 07:58 pm

Here are the insects and mice repellent circuit. Many people do not like these animals. We have many ways to expel it away.

This project is safer and more convenient than using chemicals. We just turn the switch on only and use Low power consumption (only 0.5 watts).

do not like Insects and mice

It uses a high frequency out of the piezo speaker. And IC-556 is base as oscillator between 22kHz and 56kHz.

How this Circuit works

The working of this circuit is easy. We use IC1-NE556 as main. It has a principle working is similar to IC-555.

IC-555 has a single oscillator only.

But see inside IC-556 has dual oscillator generators. It saves space and comfortable.

mouse and insects repellent circuit diagram

In Figure 1 is completely circuit of Mouse and insects repellent projects.

Why we use dual oscillator generators.

Let’s me explain to you.

First, the concept of designer:

The mouse, rat, bug, insects and various animal have the ability to different frequency response in range 22KHZ to 56KHZ.

When we can produce these frequency ranges. Makes we can repel a lot of the type of animals, at the same time.

Second, have ever you use 555 timers? It can produce frequency, right?

Imagine you make an oscillator circuit in one frequency. Then, you change the voltage at a voltage controller pin. It makes the output frequency change too.

Look at the circuit

The IC1/1 will produce a base frequency. They include C1, R1, and R2. We use frequency sawtooth waveform at pin 6 and pin2, is a controls voltage to pin 11. This voltage has value is 1/3 to 2/3 of power supply.

And then the IC1/2 also serves as produce frequencies as same as it. They include C2, R4, and R5. But there are higher frequencies than IC1/1.

When pin 11 voltage changed. It causes IC1/2 to generate changing frequencies from 22kHz and 56kHz.

We connect the output to a piezo speaker. It is the special speaker, that responsible just higher frequencies only.

How to build this project

First search all parts before such as PCB, resistors, capacitors, etc. When finished, then make the as same real PCB layout as Figure 2. Next, to assemble all components as Figure 3.


Figure 2 The PCB layout in real size to use.


Figure 3 The all components layout of this projects.

Should solder lower parts before such as resistors, capacitors, piezo, and other parts in sequence. And do not remember all wires to circuit.

The Soldering, should the soldering iron be used size under 30 watts, and should use a lead combination of 60/40, and Should be careful the heat from the soldering iron to the IC directly. Or should use a socket IC.

The piezo speaker is the specialty type speaker. Which high-frequency response than plain speakers.

If applied with the plain speaker will not get in frequencies as we want, because of it responsible frequencies that the human ear can only hear.

How to testing

When we assemble this project as finished, then enter the power supply to positive supply and ground. The frequency generator will out of the piezo speaker.

Which we can not hear a sound, but when place your index finger touch at pin 8 of IC, then remove the piezoelectric and replace with the plain speaker, cause sound out of the speaker indicate this project work so well.

How to use it

Just only you put this project at a corner or nook in your home kitchen, or use outside the home. To turn into a switch. Next, we have no rats or cockroaches disturbed for a long time. Until battery power is exhausted.

The components list

Resistors ¼ W + 5%
R1: 62K
R2: 150K
R3: 1.6K
R4: 4.7K
R5: 11K
R6: 1K
Mylar capacitors 50V
C1: 0.005uF (502) or 5nF 63V MKT
C2: 0.0012uF (122) or 1.2nF 63V MKT

D1: 1N4001 50V 1A Diode
IC1: IC556 dual timer IC with socket DIP 8pin.
And other parts.

Battery 9V, LED, Piezo speaker, etc.


I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.


  1. Manama

    The wattage for the speaker is how much?
    shall you help me on that, as the project need!

  2. osama

    the first output (pin 5) is not connected? is that right?

  3. zreshan

    Sir i am zeeshan from pakistan
    And i am tired for cacraoch please suggest me 100purfect electric devoice in mx home many many cacrroch every day we spray for kill but next morning more offfff

  4. sanjay

    how to bay MOSQUITO REPELLANT by IC-555, CD4017, CD4011

  5. Rishabh Gupta

    hey designer,
    i just simulated this circuit but cant get any output.
    there is a single alternate of triangular wave-form in beginning after than output goes nil…
    please help me..

  6. Hi Rishabh Gupta,
    I am sorry I cannot test it on simulated program, if it show working please show us to see.

  7. Joel


    I just built this circuit and its now working good. How long will the battery last? Please make a circuit that is like the taser gun.

    Thank you

  8. Gopal Sharma

    This circuit can work also for to repell mosquito or some correction require.What will the voltage at piezoelectric buzzer.

  9. Gopal Sharma

    What is the working range of this circuit & how can increase the working range about 20sq meter. Pl. advice.

  10. Gopal Sharma

    Pl reply for range increase.

  11. ibrahim

    hi there
    i try to make this circuit but it doses’n work i use piezo from my old digital multimeter and mosquito not response why that i dont no
    so plaes help me
    when change to low frequency the sounf appear

  12. Rishabh Gupta

    Hey designer..
    I just made this circuit but the output of the piezo speaker is very much audible.
    The sound is very sharp and loud but its audible….
    Please guide me…what fault could there be in the circuit?

  13. Anand Mallik

    From where I will get the PCB


    Where did I get this Insects and mouse repellent circuit using IC556 kit and what price

  15. Dave Gore

    Hi designer,
    I am wanting to build this circuit but I can’t get the capacitors anywhere at that value, are the printed right

    • Paul Brace

      to dave gore 0.005uf= 5nf & 0.0012uf= 1.2nf

  16. Paul Brace

    Hi can you help, Because of the very hot weather we have had over here the last two summers. sometimes it got up to 35deg C and it has given a big boost to our spider population. there was a spider with a leg diameter of probably 4″ (100mm).
    Well I need a spider repellent quickly, i dont mind making a few of them as long as they work. i have brought the shop ones and they do not work… Please can you help

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