Oh…Low voltage source. A load does not run. Use these circuits. They will convert that voltage to a new voltage as you need. With 2 groups: Inverters—the output is AC voltage like AC main. DC converters—the output is DC voltage.

You would like to use electrical appliances outside the home that no electricity.

We recommended you use a battery and inverter circuit, it can convert a 12V battery to AC voltage, is same as AC line at your house.

Many inverter circuit

Here! We have a many the inverter circuit, 10-watts,60W, 100W, 200W, and 500W power output. It can convert a 12VDC to 230VAC 50Hz/ 220VAC 50Hz/ 110VAC 60Hz output as your country.

You can learn how it works in a simple circuit. To begin with, you see transistors circuits are so easy. Next, power MOSFET circuits are hight watts and easiest. Final, we use ICs circuit are so easy and small size.
We use the parts in all circuits are available in most of the local markets.
See many inverter circuits below.

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