How to build 200W inverter circuit Diagram project

200W Inverter Circuit Diagram Project

Imagine you want to go on a forest without normal AC power main. But sometimes you want to use a TV or laptop or electronic maintenance work. A suitable alternative is to use this 200W inverter circuit. First, I recommend Simple working principle of the inverter. If you have understood well. Now, we will learn … Read more

How to make 1.5V to 220V inverter circuit

High Voltage mini power supply circuit using 2N2222

use Mini high voltage generator at my friend wants. Because of using the transistor 2 pcs only just,build small-sized easy good. By this circuit gives pulse Generator 220V from 9V batteries and Give pulse voltage tall arrive at 170V from the 1 dry piece cell(Batt 1.5V) We should do circuit this experiment with neon lamp … Read more