Simple 12V to 24V step up converter circuit using TDA2004

If your load wants 24V. But you have only 12V. Of Course, it does not work. What can you do? First, add or change the battery to 24V. But no space and expensive. Better way! Use 12V to 24V step-up converter circuit. Even the output current is low down to about 1A.

Do not be surprised. If see TDA2004 is in the circuit. Even it is good at the mini amplifier.

It is really, really. We are building a type of switching regulator with it.

We use it to produce the high current pulse to the simple double voltage circuit. Which they work with the capacitors and diodes.

This does not need to use any coil. So, easy and cheap. And, Imagine when you finish this DC converter job. You are bored. You can rebuild it into a nice amplifier.

12V to 24V step up DC converter using TDA2004

This project can increase the DC voltage from 6V into 12V, or from 12V to 24V. It is a simple DC to DC step-up converter circuit.

Also, you can use both ICs TDA2004 and TDA2005.

And, this circuit is similar to DC step up converter using TDA2822. It is smaller but also well.

The working principle

First of all, the voltage comes to the circuit. Then, this voltage will charge to C5 through D1. At the pin 10(output) of IC1/1 has the voltage rises up. Until almost equal to the voltage of the power supply.

12V to 24V DC converter high current
Circuit diagram of step-up DC converter using TDA2004

Next, D2 passes the current to charge into C6. It makes the voltage at pin 10 of IC1/1 is about 0V. But the voltage across C6 or the output equals about the power supply.

After that, the output(pin 8) of IC1/2 starts to have the voltage rise instead. Because C5 stop charging. So, C7 is charged instead, through the power supply.

Thus, there is the current pass D3 to charge into C6. And, pin 8 has voltage is about 0V.

Then, the operating of the circuit will restart same the first again.

And, both current get out of pin 8 and pin 10 will be combined at C6.

This makes the output voltage to rise up to 2 times of input. Because the voltage of pin 8 and pin 10 are the input mixes together.

The capacitors C1 through C4 act as a square wave generator about 5 kHz. To determined working of IC1.

Building, Testing, and Application

When we get fully equipped, and build PCB as Figure below. And then, soldering equipment as Figure.

PCB layout of 12V to 24V DC converter using TDA2004
PCB of 12V to 24V step up converter circuit using TDA2004

Component layout of DC to DC converter using TDA2004

component-layout of the 12V to 24V step up converter circuit using TDA2004

After examining the faulty circuit. Then test them with 12V battery at the input and measure voltage output will have about 22V. Please watch a video below.

If you have a 6V input. It can increase the output voltage is 12V. Or, enter the input is 12V, the output is about 24V.
Really, We can enter the input voltage of 5V to 12V. It does not should more than 18V.

Note: Also this you can see these: 12V to 40V DC converter

Parts you will need

Resistors 0.25 watts
R1: 3.9K
R2: 1 ohm
Non-polar capacitors such as Ceramic, Mylar, polyester
C1, C3: 0.0047uF 50V
C2, C4: 0.022uF 50V
C8, C9, C10: 0.1uF 50V
Electrolytic capacitors
C5, C7: 2200uF 25V
C6: 4700uF 50V
D1-D4: 1N5822/1N5404
IC1: TDA2004/TDA2005
LED: 5mm color as you like.
Others part, PCB, Heatsink, etc.

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  1. Hi, Mr.Thamer.
    You welcome.
    I am glad to it was helpful for you.
    I think the parts on this circuit can buy easliy at a common electronic shop.

    But this circuit as idea from the old book.
    Which may be have error I must sorry.

    If you want definite project may buy at amazon.

    Best Regards

  2. dear sir

    I want to purchase dc 12v to 24v 6A step up convertor and dc 12v to malty dc volt lake 5v,12v,+-,and 48v+-,1A step up convertor if have PLZ send mail this email id thank.

  3. I’m looking for a DC to DC 12 to 24 volt 720 watt power converter if you have or know someone that does please let me know you can contact me at 312-953-0360 Thank You

  4. Dear Momename,
    Good site of yours.
    If possible, can you also post a reliable circuit diagram for a DC to DC converter with input of 12 volts, output of 0.700 A or 1 ampere, this will serve me as driver of 30 Volts, 30 watts LED. Or do you have any alternative simple circuit to post?

    Thanks .

  5. U guys should try this curcuit…it able to supply 19.75-21.35vdc full load (2.2A-3A +/-) from 12v psu rail as the input supply(Main supply).I have try on tda2004 and tda2005…My choice is TDA2005.More stable,low heat for powerup my PArig.Nice for power up tda2030 curcuit…
    -I have make this curcuit and power up tda2030 x 3 // 1-right //1-left// 1-subwoofer*L/R* //. no problem to power up speaker from altec lansing vs 4621..(this prototype also use 3 x UTC2030 as the amp..)
    sorry for my english coz it terrible 😛

  6. On my dc -dc converter using tda2005 i change the D1- D4 (IN5822 or IN5402) coz it bit expensive on my country then hard to find…to solve this problem i use 16pcs IN4007 :(…. for D1 i place IN4007 x 4 on parallel. So on with D2,D3 and D4..for the 4700Mf cap i use 2200mf x2 + 1000Mf x1..(5400mf)//50V..
    On load 19v – 21v (2-3amp +/-)…from 12vdc psu for input supply at 11.9-12.8v…My curcuit connected with my computer on same PSU 550W :(….almost 1 year no problem until now..*sharing the PSU :D*

  7. Next i will test/try build 40V – 46VDC using TDA2005 and TDA2009 with same compenent..TDA2009 can handle max voltage 28v/.I guess when combined tda2005(12v to 22v) and tda2009 (22v to 44v +/-) 2-3Amp.. CPU*PSU (12vDC) —-> TDA2005 (22vDC) —> TDA2009 (40vDC – 46vDC)
    12VDC// MAIN ————-> 1st_Stage BOOST —-> 2nd-Stage BOOST// 40VDC > +/-

  8. TDA2009A at 24vdc input —> boost to –> 47v – 48vDC output..
    Pin 7 and pin 11 (N.C) so no bootstrap, but still working same TDA2004 schematic on dc to dc..I try push on max 28VDC input –> boost to –>56vDC output but it burnout after 4minutes..with big heatsink…….So my recomanded max input voltage dont push it more then 25Vdc..It stable on this input with nice 2A -2.5A..:P

  9. Use 2 cheap PSU.12V+12 connect on series.U got extra benifits with this…OC/OV/UC/SC protection with superb current… above 150 Watts
    Good Luck…..

  10. hi,
    ı must to make a project which is DC to DC boost converter 12V to 24V and 1A. Unfortunatelly ı don’t know what ı need to make project. firstly if you help me for that ı will be so grateful.

  11. Use electronic diagram above.DC to DC stepup TDA2004.For the 4 diodes use IN4007 x 4 pcs.This diode deliver 1A.So i guess u should get 24V 1A with the curcuit from pc psu 12V rail or use transformer that suitable for the input for u project.
    If you want more AMPS i guess you can add 1 power transistor TIP3055 and power resistorfor support TDA2004 to increase the current(AMPS).For that you need to tweak TDA2004 DC to DC stepup curcuit a little bit. 😀

  12. Pls make suggestion:

    We have 4 standard alternators. standard car type, we need an output to drive our 20 Kw motor. We also have 4 x 100amp/hr batteries.
    Now 12 v motors appear not to good, better to use 48 v or maybe 72 v.
    How do we this to work and what would it cost.

    Regards Harry


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