Surround Sound System Circuit Diagram

You will be happy. If you try the surround sound is similar to the Concert Hall in your house. There are three circuits ideas for you. Some circuit does not use power supply as a passive circuit. Other circuits use an op-amp are an active circuit.

Stereo surround sound

And a simple circuit. Using the LM1458 IC number to expand the difference of the input signal left (L). It came out as surround sound sure enough.

Simple Stereo Surround System using LM1458

When raising the power and enter the left and right input circuit.The signal on the left (L) to signal coupling through C2 and R1 to enter the pin 5 of IC1 / 1.And signs on the right (R) to signal coupling through R4 to C2 and to the pin 3 of IC1 / 2. Then the amplifier IC1 is the difference.

Which the same signal is lost. Balance, but only signals different from the output pin 7 and pin 1. The VR1 / 1 and VR1 / 2 are a control gain of the signal on each side. Then the signal via C3 and C4 are coupling the audio signal and send out better output. By the way, this output is connected to the headset. Or will be connected to the amplifier at all.

Simple House wide stereo system circuit using TL082

This is Simple House wide stereo system circuit using TL082. Added dimension to get sound of music wider stereo system. Suitable for, you are tired of the original sound. I’m not making you uncomfortable with electronic projects difficult, and expensive.

This circuit enhances the Joy of musical level. The principle is easy to understand, and with a simple, inexpensive equipment. The love of the instrument, do not miss this project. Before building, I understand the principle well.

The working principle.

-We will feel that Sound has a width more depth with the stereo mix. (Signal was split left and right.) Both together. For example, usually, the guitar sound is the right side and there is electronic sound is left side. However, this circuit makes the guitar sound mixed into the right side slightly. Then take the audio electone, came into existence with the left side. We, therefore, feel that the sound wide up as soon.
-In the circuit, on the left and right stereo signals into the circuit, will through C1- C2 to pin 3 – pin 5 of IC1(TL082), out to the 1 pin – 7 pin, And some signal is fed back to pin 2, pin 6 by VR1, R5 and R6 each side.


In the middle leg of the VR1 / 1(50K) and VR1 / 2(50K) near 1 leg, So left signal is fed back into the 2 leg. The output signal also the left side intact.

But when leg move closer to the middle of 3 leg is the right side signal, From the 7 pin of IC1 / 2(TL082) through VR1 / 2, R7, VR1 / 1 and R5 to pin 2, Makes output at pin 1 is the signal right side mix. Likewise Pin 1 is the signal left side of the right side leg six mixed the signal to IC1 / 2 as well.
The first may have confused some readers But read it again to understand more. If you understand already. Embarked on created do.


-This project would be another piece easy one. So I have included into the perforated board. Initially, soldering equipment, short before. Such as resistors, followed with the socket IC, capacitor, Finally graduawwy plugged in the socket ICs later. For safety of the heat from the soldering, Capacitor, should be well before the terminals.
-This circuit, can be fitted into box limited space. Prototype. We take the box to put the gift. Should be a plastic box. To prevent a short circuit.

Of the work, I understand that, you are creating a project to do this. But where would I go to of the amplifier. Very simple, connected to the first input amplifier. Just now, has been completed.

Simple Create Surround Sound

A circuit surround sounds simple.The circuit is created newness of the sound to a wider sound dimension.That the device R and C, to share the audio delay.

To get a new sound dimension.

Simple Create Surround sound

When the switch S1 to select a location signal.The audio will pass to the surround speakers and left and right.The C1 and C2 act to slow down the audio delay.Than normal.Forward and adjust VR1 to delay the sound is very slow. Little or slow as desired.

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  1. Somewhat a good & marvalous circuit. Possiple to impose atmospheric surround by changing little modification . think and do . thanks .

  2. The article is very informative and useful specially to audio enthusiast ! Your is so lovely that it seems you have passed D. Little. In English

  3. Stereo surround circuit is not work
    Only inverting feedback only work
    Onether side not work but non inveting side not working
    But I am using dual supply
    Pls ur suggest single supply use or dual supply best the circuit

    • Hi Martinlutherking,

      Thanks for your visit again.

      I am sorry that your project not work.
      I never build it. But I think some can modify it works well.

      You are a great person. I believe in you. You can do.

      I will find other circuits for you. Hope it works.

      Thanks again.


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