4 ideas of One LED flasher circuits using transistor, IC, UJT

These circuits are simple One LED flashers that use transistors as the main (first circuit), the transistor UJT (second circuit) and IC Op amps (the Third), Read more below.

Using transistors as base

The capacitor C1.Resistors R1 frequency generator to Q1. Which acts as a switch.then used Q2 to be the current increase.

Operation of this circuit from capacitor C1 through R2 and LED1. Until the voltage drop at C1 increases,Q1 to the value that work.

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As a result, the current Q1. The current through pins E and C stand to cooperate with the Q2 Q2 B’s conduct as a result, a current flows through LED1. While C1 is discharged through R1 to a period of time. When C1 discharged out there would be no pressure to bias the leg B of Q1. The Q1 to stop working, Q2 will stop working.LED1 will turn off and capacitor C1 will start again. The Q1, Q2 LED1 light work, where work is of such and so on.

One LED flasher using 2SC1815 transistors

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LED Flasher with SCR and UJT

This circuit systematically main work from Oscillator Circuit. It is use UJT. The Q1 will give the period of time of pulse for trigger. The work of SCR for drive LED. The circuit will pull current 2 mA from just Battery 9V. When the schedule is Flasher keep 12 time per second The SCR use at have 6A 50V. Idea circuit this sizes may advantage with friends , please sir.

LED Flasher with SCR and UJT

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Fading LED using LM358

This circuit uses op-amps to obtain a triangle wave. The triangle wave causes the Led to slowly get brighter and then slowly get dimmer until it isn’t producing any light. It then gets slowly brighter again. With the components shown each cycle takes about 4 seconds. The capacitor and the 4.7M resistor are the timing components. The circuit works best when a high brightness Led is used.

Fading LED Flasher using LM358

Very simple LED Flashing with sound

If we wasp one size miniature serial loudspeaker (8 ohm speaker) suits. Flashing LED number FRL – 4403 which be mourn shine that can can blink. By must not use other equipment help. unless , power supply gives with it only. Already will hear the sound goes out a loudspeaker in the rhythm that it works with.

Very simple LED Flashing with sound


If you think this circuit is not good enough. It is hard to find parts. You do not have it now. These circuits may be viewed below. It may be appropriate for you.
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