Many electronics circuits and projects for learning in simple ways.

A power supply circuit is what the importance of various electronic projects. My website has a big size grow up every day.  Sometimes, you may look for them are difficult. So I collect them (over 150+circuits) on Category: Power supply circuit

But I want you to save time.  This post may be useful. I recommended the circuits below, with the PCB. Also, they are easy to build and low price for beginner and all.

power supply circuit with pcb

First, let’s meet 3 most type of Power Supply
1. Battery
A lot of circuits use a few power. So it can be powered by batteries. This is small and easy to use anywhere. But normally they are lows voltage. Thus they are the best for low current using.

You should use rechargeable batteries, to reuse many times to save money a lot. I like my children use them. Because it is safe for him.

2. Solar
We can use it as solar power our circuit directly, But we like to use it is a solar charger for a rechargeable battery. For example, my son like to make the solar light.

3. AC Line
We use AC line, its basic is AC Adapter, like a power supply. They are the compact units and easy to use than a battery.  We can apply them in various output voltage and currents. When we are in a house. we should use them instead of batteries and solar, it will save our money.
Caution: We must use it carefully.  Safety first!  It is many useful but also can kill you!

On our site have a lot of the power supply circuit. We cannot show you all. Thus, for saving you time see lists below.

Linear Power Supply Circuit are Recommended

  1. My first Variable DC Power Supply Circuit, 1.2V to 30V 1A using LM317
    I like to use it. Because it’s easy to use, easy to create, and cheap. For example,  you can use it instead of the 1.5V battery, it’s easy.
  2.  Second, First Fixed DC regulators using Zener diode and transistors —is a small and cheap circuit. You can build it. I believe you!
  3. 5V, 6V, 9V, 10V, 12V, 1A Fixed Regulated using IC-7805, IC-7806, IC-7809, IC-7810,IC-7812Fixed voltage regulators
    They are the most popular 1A fixed DC Regulators, easy and cheap. For example, when we need to use 5V 1A supply for a normally digital circuit. We usually use LM7805-IC here.
  4. 1.2V-25V, 3 amps, Adjustable regulators using LM350T
    I sometimes need to use 3A variable voltage source. But LM317 cannot help me, easily. In a short time, we use LM350T. It is the best linear [email protected]
  5. 0-30V, 3A Adjustable DC Supply
    We seldom use 3A Current that can adjust 0V to 30V output. This is a better choice. It uses LM723 as the famous regulator IC. And here is modern design circuit, full protection than LM350T.
  6. 0-50V Variable Voltage output @3A
    If you need to use voltage output over than 30V or adjust 0V to 50V.  You can use it. They have the key components, LM723, and the higher voltage 2SC5200 transistor.  Also, full overload protection.
  7. Simple Zener diode voltage regulator circuits
    Here is a simplest DC fixed regulator circuit. It includes Zener diode, as act a reference voltage and a transistor to increase current up to output.
  8. Build 12V high current power supply, do not need PCB.You can build it easy and cheap learn more.

Fixed Volts regulator: 3V, 6V, 9V, 12V 

  1. Unregulated
  2. Variable Zener Diode circuit
  3. Voltage Reference using LM334
  4. 15V 400mA DC Regulator by IC-748 and 2N3055
  5. 24V 2A power supply circuit
  6. 6V – 9V for a calculator
  7. 12V 1A linear regulator using transistor and Zener diode

5V power suppliesDigital power supplies

9 volts

  1. 9V Regulated using a TIP31 transistor
  2. Mini 9V 0.75A using transistors
  3. 9 volts 2 Amps DC Converter
  4. 9V Negative units

Low volts

  1. Small uninterruptible UPS
  2. Basic Dual DC6V
  3. Easy Power supply for a cassette player
  4. Simple DC Regulators 12V,15V,30V

Low Drop Out Voltage

  1. 5 volts Low DC Regulator circuits

Simple and Ideas

  1. Basic DC voltage Regulated 13V low current
  2. 18V DC power supply by 7818

Adjustable Power Supply Circuit

Under 1A

  1. Simply adjustable 0-30V at 1A
  2. Power supply regulator 0-30V 1A by IC 741 + Transistor 2N3055 & 2N3565
  3. 0-20V,1A DC adjustable
  5. Variable Regulated Power supply using 7805 and op-amp

2A Output Current

  1. Simple variable, 0-30V, 2A for beginners
  2. 0-70 volts 2 Amps DC variable
  3. Cheap DC adjustable 0-30V 2A Laboratory

3A Output current

  1. 1.2V-25V, 3 amps, Adjustable regulators using LM350T
  2. Best DC power supply 3 amps, adjustable 1.2V-20V; 3V-6V-9V-12V
  3. 0-12v variable power supply at 3A

High Current (5A up)

  1. 12 volts,13.8V High Current 30A,25A,20A,15A  for HAM Radio DC [Easy but well]
  2. 1.2 – 30V, 5A Adjustable using LM338
  3. 0-30V, 5A DC Adjustable Regulator using IC-723, 2N3055x2
  4. High Current Variable Voltage Regulator 2-36V 10A
  5. Amplifier power supply using High Current Transformer
  6. 10A, DC Supply FIX Regulated by IC-78XX and MJ15004
  7. 1-20V, 10A Adjustable DC power supply using LM338
  8. 12V, 20Amp DC Regulated
  9. 0-30V 20A, High current variable regulator using LM338

High voltage (100V up)

  1. 0-300V, high voltage variable
  2. High volt shock using 2SC458
  3. Mini High Volt Supply using 2N2222
  4. 10V to 350V adjustable Regulator

Dual rail regulator & Multiple Voltage

  1. Simple DC regulator, 12V, 15V,  30V
  2. +15V /-15V 1A using IC-7815, IC-7915  regulator
  3. 15V Dual DC Regulator Circuit
  4. Dual Power regulator +12V/-12V using 7812, 7912
  5. Dual adjustable power supply  using 7805 and 7905 +Update
  6. Power Supply Splitter circuit using op-amp +New
  7. Simple dual rail voltage regulator using zener diode +Update


  1. Many Transformerless power supply circuits
  2. 5V DC Regulator Without Transformer Using MOSFET  +Update

Constant Current Source

  1. The constant current circuit using LED
  2. FET Constant current drivers for LED display
  3. Many Constant current source circuits
  4. 7805 Current constant for battery charger
  5. Super Steady Zener diode circuit

Tiny Circuit Learning

Simple constant voltage circuit using small transistors +New


Switching Mode Power Supply circuits

These are DC switching power supplies. To be ideas on build the projects or tools. Because they have a small size and cheaper than the linear power supply.


My site begins to have many circuits. Until friends said that difficult to see circuits or projects as he want.

Particular DC switching power supply has very useful. The list below are ideas to build the great power supply that small and saving money. For application or learning.

I so collect these circuits for ease of accessing the projects that I interested. Also, they may be useful for you, too.

  1. 5VDC to +12V and -12V Isolated dual Switching Regulator with LM2587
  2. 5V 3A switching power supply by LM2576
  3. Variable switch mode power supply 0-50V 5A
  4. The old pc power supply circuit
  5. Power supply Switching Regulator 12V 3A by LM2576-12
  6. Switching supply computer 5V 15A 12V
  7. 5V 5A switching regulator for digital by LM2678
  8. 9V Low Power Switching Regulator by IC RC4193
  9. LED driver low power by switching mode
  10. 12V 5A power supply Regulator with LM2678-12
  11. Regulator switching DC to DC step down Voltage with LM2596
  12. 5VDC Switching regulator from 9V battery by LT1073-5
  13. 3V 3A Regulator Switching by LM2576
  14. Easy 5V 10A switching regulator by L4970A
  15. LM2673 -5V 3A Switching Voltage Regulator
  16. 12V to 16V DC/DC Converter with LM2577
  17. DC converter 5 volt to +12 volts or high volt than +12 volts

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  1. I want to make 48v 5amp by using transistor .like dvd power supply
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  4. IDesign a ±12 Vdc dual voltage plus earth output switching regulator supplied from a
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    Using Buck Boost.

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