Small High Volts shock using 2SC1815 transistor

This is small high volts shock circuit, pressure from the low current. It is perfect for fun play. In circuit has a few component just two small NPN transistors, 2 resistors and a transformer. So easy to builds and cheap!

High volt shock using 2SC1815 transistor

When switch S1 closes the circuit for feed power supply give with Q1 and Q2. By current flow through coil of the transformer of the primary and touch limit the current with R1 and R2 already change come in pin way B of Q1 and Q2.

It makes Q1 and Q2 bias by a transistor that bilateral alternate work all the time. When Q1 bias make have current flow change during a half on of coil primary and when Q2 make have current flow during a half below of coil primary.

Which work alternation of Q1 and Q2 can make be the electric current alternates to come out at coil secondary cell building this circuit should use the carefulness. because of might cause danger from the electric alternating current.

I test the circuit on the breadboard.

Note: You can use many transistors that is NPN type and small size. (I use C458 or C1815 or C828) This circuit can assemble on a breadboard. or Universal board PCB.

C1815 pinout on high volt shock circuit
2SC1815 pinout on high volt shock circuit

And use current about 34.6mA at voltage supply is 8.4V, can provide the output of ACV-203V

And use small transformer 0.25A as video below.

If I test to think about current output. as principle Power in = power out (around..)
Power in = V x I; V(battery) = 8.4V and I(current of circuit) = 34.6mA
Power in = 8.V x 34.6mA = 290mW
So, Power out also about = 290mW
Iout = 290mW / 203V = 1mA
It is low current only.

Parts you will need

Q1,Q2: 2SC1815, 2SC458, 2SC828 NPN transistor
R1,R2: 10K 0.5W Resistors
T1: 220V AC primary to 9V-0-9V,250mA secondary transformer
—In US use 110V AC primary. But it low voltage up to about 110V.
Perforated board

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  1. Everyone one please careful be if building this circuit!!! The Voltage here can kill or injure You!! PLESE BE CAREFUL!!!

    • TS Garp

      The output at a bit over 200V is only 1mA. Not deadly at all.

  2. Hi,Angus someone
    It is small size circuit.
    All transistor are NPN types.
    and watts output very low or current lower than 1mA.

  3. Sorry, just had to ask.
    I’m not that good with electrical knowledge.
    And what kind of Transformer should I use?

  4. mike

    erro in calclutie ??!!!

    8v x 34.6 mA
    shoud be
    8000 mV x 346 mA

    or 8 volt x 0.346 amp

    im mean ccome one
    mm michael

  5. ali setan

    how to increase the output current?

  6. Mark Dandeneau

    This circuit will probably only cause a pretty good jolt because the current is so low. With Model T coils which you may still be able to get from JC Whitney you can get an output of 40 or 50 thousand volts. But I would caution anyone against using these types of circuits as gags or any other misuse, because there is always a danger of an undiagnosed or unknown heart condition. You always treat a gun as loaded and you should have the same respect for electricity.

  7. shubham verma

    plz..tell me ..what will be the frequency of alternation…..

  8. yash

    Are both transistor base interconnected?? and are resistor value is 0.5Watt? plz help

  9. Christian

    Do you think that this can shock people with 220 volts output only?
    Based on their comments above, I’m worrying that it will not even shock me, because they said that its low output current…

  10. Marian

    Vďaka za rôzne pekné konštrukcie.

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