Learn electronics for beginners with easy ways

I am going to show how to Learn electronics for beginners. Imagine that you are interested in learning new things that are not familiar. Everything seems confusing.

I used to be like that. Therefore don’t want you like me. We should start from a simple, little. Until developing without knowing it.

Let me explain to you. Step by step learning.

Learning electronics for beginners in simple ways
Learning electronics for beginners in simple ways
Table of Contents

What? Why? Who? learn electronics

I have a three of questions that can help you see more clearly.

1# What is Electronics?

Electronics are something near us. For example, cell phones, computers, televisions, etc.

Everything needs electricity as energy by plugging in a house or charging with the AC adapter.

Inside these appliances consist of devices called those electronic components.

They are connected in a manner known as the electronic circuit.

electronics circuits near us

Which using these appliances, we do not need to learn the workings of the electronic circuit inside it.


2# Why learn Electronics?

There are a lot of reasons to should study electronics. But the 4 main benefits are

Can Build electronic circuits

If you have a passion for electronics works. We should learn electronics by using electronic circuits to create fun projects. To solve everyday problems, is good, make your free time is useful.

Save time & money

Also, if you have technical skills. You can save money.  Because when the appliance is broken. You can repair it first.

Great future awaits

Learning electronic circuits is a very good skill or ability.

Imagine you build electronic circuits. Understand its working principle, until becoming an expert. When there is a job opportunity like this. Will you be selected?

Great for studying

Moreover, it is great for studying too. Because electronics are a science for obvious reasons. We can understand it.

But learning the principle of its operation alone is a tedious thing. Therefore, it is better to learn through building electronic circuits.

3# Who should learn electronics?

Change the old thinking Electronics is not as difficult as you think, you are good for learning it.

  • A student or who Interested in electronics as a hobby.
  • Parents who want to find good activities for children.
  • Even a homeschooling parent wants to teach their children to learn electronics as well as me.

It is very difficult to make electronics easy for children. So, parents should learn together with children.

It is not too late for you.

Some of my friends are about sixty years old. Play with grandchildren with electronics. It’s a fun activity.

grandfather make electronics

Electronics are activities that create, touch, really experiment with devices, we move the body Create a large project. (Sometimes).

Sometimes we do simple math calculations to solve problems. So, our brain has developed nonstop. Or even that project failed We also learned. And it may also benefit other people.

And you?

Learn electronics for beginners

How to learn Electronics in simple ways

Now you probably have the dream. Like, I want to build a circuit, to modify the circuit. And apply various circuits.

But it has a lot of equipment and details. It’s very confusing.

My mom used to teach that we always have many ways to reach the goal.

Learning Electronics as water the plants

Every learning has an important condition: Time and steady
Or… If the target is far away Walk slowly and steadily

Like planting trees. It takes time and little watering. Also, learning Electronics as water the plants.

We cannot accept a lot of information at a time, so take some time to learn and find out what kind of tree we are.

What is the best way to learn?

You see a lot of content. So how do you start? Which method is best?
Imagine you are sitting in the classroom studying scientific theory. Many people may be bored. And can’t remember all those content.

Let’s learn through problems

I believe that problems are the highest cause of learning in everything around us.

In the past, we were in the dark. So, we create a light bulb. The building process is great learning. And, An important tool is a time and regular in the experiment.

Learning through problem

And you? Let the problem go through or fix it.

In my opinion, we don’t need to know the theory of all electronic devices.

Of course, we should always think and develop it so that we can solve the problem in the best way possible.

Before build circuit should know

Relationship of voltage, current, power, resistance, and Ohms Law

finding current, voltage resistance with Ohms law triangle

To Learn the Relationship of voltage-current power and resistance with water flowing so easy. Look at Ohms Law, basic electricity you should know.

Read more>>

Quick Common Electronics Components

Quick learn basic electronic components

Because we need to use them to build electronics circuits. If without learning the name and how they work.

Don’t expect to create Electronic circuit finished!

All Basic Electronics circuits Symbols

electronics circuit symbols

They are pictogram that shows instead of electronic devices for circuit design and more. 

Electronics Block Diagrams with Example

Let’s get started more.

Learn Most components in detail

There are many electronic devices. But what equipment should we learn? Frequently used And important. I compiled the content in 5 parts, below as follows.

1# Resistor: color code and how it works

How to find resistor color code

Let me tell you about the resistor color code and how it works.

We often look at a lot of resistors in many electronic circuits.

Do you know how to use it…

2# Capacitor Principle working, types and how it works

Capacitor Principle working

We always use capacitors in electronic circuits. But Do you understand them enough? Review now! You may improve its operation.

3# Uses of capacitors | RC circuit time constant and Coupling

Uses of capacitors _ Capacitance _ RC circuit time constant and Coupling

Learn basic uses of capacitors, Capacitance, capacitive reactance Xc. Connecting them in parallel and series. We can use RC time constant and coupling circuits.

4# LED: How to use easily LEDs—voltage of LED using

LED voltages of red green yellow orange

The First time for learning how to use LEDs.

It is a good teacher to learning a current limiting.

5# Zener Diode: How to use, example circuit usage

Zener diode principle working example usage

We often use a Zener diode in a lot of the electronic circuits. But…Do you understand well enough?

6# How does a transistor works

How does a transistor circuit works

Learn transistor works, old parts But, we often use it. Because of durable, high current. Whether any reason. Let’s learn they work in a simple way.

7# SCR: How it works and Basic circuit

how do scr circuit works

Have ever you see SCR? Some may use it instead of switches and relays.

Because we have seen it works high speed and quiet.

8# How does NE555 timer works | Datasheet | Pinout

Learn how does NE555 timer work. Datasheet, Pinout, Circuit diagram inside. See basic stable multivibrator (Free-running) or square wave oscillator circuit.

And others

Learn Many Electronics circuits

Most people want to build big projects. For example, high watts amplifier, Microcontrollers, and etc.

Do you know these projects include many small and small circuits joins together?

So, We should learn electronics with small or basic or even tiny circuits. I love to learn them. I like to design or try circuits by myself.

Because I believe, if we understand them. We may design electronic projects by ourselves. Do you have a dream like me?

Electronics has a lot of circuits. We cannot learn all about it in short.
It will be better. if we learn little by little Regularly.

I will gradually introduce various circuit techniques to present to you. Thank you for following. There are 4 articles for you:

1# Find Current limiting resistor for LED and load

limitting current resistor for small load

How to reduce voltage for LED and other loads.

We use a limiting current resistor to reduce current or voltage in a series circuit.

So easy to do. 

2# How simple series circuit works

How simple series circuit works

Let’s understand the current flow and voltage across devices and calculate it with an easy formula.

3# Learn the voltage divider works

Why do we use often them in circuits? Let me explain to you understand them to work, rule, calculate easily.

4# Working principle of unregulated power supply

Unregulated power supply working

Almost all circuits are based on this principle.

Of course, ask your mind. Should you read it?

5# Learn Fixed voltage Regulator Working principle

Fixed voltage regulator working principle-banner

Even though I don’t like complexity. But every project needs good stability.

So, this is necessary. We should use it and understand it!

6# Learn overload and short circuit protection

Let’s learn about the transistor series voltage regulator with short circuit and overload protection. And how it reduces ripple.

7# How 741 Op-Amp Power supply Circuit works

How 741 Op Amp Power supply Circuit work

Look! How an error voltage sensor works. Using transistors circuit.

See example circuits of Variable voltage regulator using 741 and 2N3055.

8# How does DC to DC converter circuit works

Do you think that a switching supply is hard? especially beginner or an electronics hobbyist. Yes!

But wait, try to read this. It may change your mind.

We can try to play or real use. We do not need to use expensive parts or too complex. You already have the pieces of equipment exactly.

9# What is switching power supply vs linear, how does it work?

What is switching power supply how does it work

Why people pick switching regulator? the high-efficiency in small. So, should learn it works and more? Easier than you think.

Understand Digital working

Now is the digital age, which is the cornerstone of the microprocessor system. Beginning education with a simple way of thinking that must be able to actually used and good value too.

Key electronic techniques

Electronics is a mechanic. Although you understand the principles of electronic work very well. But also need to practice technician techniques. In this section it makes your work to be completed smoothly. Of course, it takes practice, repeated many times, to become skilled.

1# How to solder on circuit board and Wires

Why project does not work? Sometimes the solder joint is bad. You need to know tips on how to solder a circuit board. Easy but have to practice!

how to solder circuit board and wires

2# Where buy electronics components

electronic supplies store

If you are looking for some electronic components for your projects.

I would like to recommend you some electronic supplies store. 

3# How to charge Lead-acid Battery

How many amps hours to charging battery be full

We probably used to use lead-acid batteries. But do you understand how to basic charge it yet?

Let’s learn.

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I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

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