Op-amp LED flasher circuit – oscillator circuit using LM324

This is an Op-amp LED flasher circuit that interesting. We have a lot of how to build dual LED flasher circuit. This is a good circuit that we seldom use them.

The two LEDs it will wink to alternate between a red LED and green LED. This circuit can work with IC LM324, by part of IC op-amp 4 pcs. number LM324 cheap build origin waves square circuit comes out 1 cycle per every second.

Op-amp LED flasher - oscillator circuit using LM324

For LED one by one resistors serial connection stays with LED one by that one be valuable differently, because of requirement Foreard voltage differently. If LED2 stick glowing bright , while again stick ,give enhance the value of R6 a little again. value expansion of R6 too much will go to decrease the brightness of LED2 down go to power supply can use 5V sizes or 6V-9V.

This op-amp LED flasher circuit has worked because my son build them on bread board happily. See below.

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