108+ Power amplifier circuit diagram with PCB layout

Would you like a power amplifier circuit to make a project?

There are many circuit diagrams on categories: Amplifiers & Sounds. Also, use the search box on the top right.

But sometimes it may take a long far. Sure you have limited the time.

Don’t despair. I create a collection of power amplifier circuit with PCB layout.

Power amplifier circuit diagram with PCB

There are 108 circuits in the various groups to easily find.

Note: Before you will buy the parts and build the circuits. Please check and learn more. Some circuit is not a suitable beginner.

Also, I never build some projects. So, cannot confirm.

But if you love to learn electronics. It will be your good experience surely.

Anyways, do you know have a lot of circuits about audio or amplifier

How do I make you easy to access?

Imagine, in amplifier circuits. There are:

  • Many levels of output from 1 watt to 1,000 watts.
  • By types of OCL, OTL, BCL. 
  • Any Class Audio amplifier circuit diagram.

Not only amplifiers. It needs preamplifiers, tone control, mixer, microphone preamplifier, VU-meter, Protection and more. By the way,

Some said not to worry about the future. Do now! we will know it good or bad, right?

Look at below!

Small Amplifier Under 20 watts

They are suitable for a small application. For example, to increase the output of melody sound, for experiment Electronics learning.

  • LM386 Audio Amplifier Circuit with PCB It was my first mini audio amplifier. Many people also use it. Because it’s easy to build and this IC always popular. And suitable for 9V battery.
  • 2W+2W Stereo using 3 LM386 Here is an LM386 stereo audio amplifier circuit, 2 watts. Using 3 ICs in a bridge model. It is cheap and easy to builds for a beginner.
  • 15W Multi-Purpose TDA2030  This IC is popular all the time. Because of small and cheap. This is a Mono Model. It’s enough for normal room.
  • 1.2W, Super Small, TDA7052 Tiny stereo audio amplifier for mobile or Ipad. Even a 5v audio amplifier circuit diagram. It helps you to use  AA 1.5V battery x2 (3V) to run a power amplifier.
  • TDA2822 Stereo amplifier This is a stereo power amplifier. People like TDA2822. Me too. Why? Find Answer yourself.
  • 20W Integrated Amplifier, TDA2005 with the tone control. The easy circuit using a 12V supply.
  • TDA820, Mini Stereo Amplifier, 2W+2W  It is alternate tiny amplifier chip. Only a single IC gives a power of 2 watts max on 8 ohms. more than LM386. You will listen to music louder.

Mini  Amplifier 20W to 50W

Between 20W to 50W range—If you are young. You will like this list. Imagine when you listen to music in your room. It is so happy!

Best for Home 50W to 100W

50W main amplifier OCL

Imagine you are watching a movie with your family. Sound power is very realistic with these circuits.

100 watts Power Amplifier Circuits

When you have a mini party. You use this. Your friend will be amazing for your electronic skills. We love it.

High Audio Amplifier Circuits Diagram

More 101 watts up—They may be suitable for the beginner. They are the PA Audio system and expensive. And take long times for making.

  1. 150W Super Hybrid using STK-4048
  2. 120W Super Bridge using TDA2030 (at 2Ω speaker)
  3. 300W to 1200W MOSFET Amplifier for professionals only.
  4. 200W, Bass Guitar Super Bridge
  5. 200 watts MOSFET Amplifier Class G

12V CAR Audio Amplifier circuits

All used in a car or in a house with a 12V DC power supply. Some circuit requires high current. Most use an IC chip. So easy and small. 

  1. 50W BCL Car Audio using TDA1562
  2. 40W Mini Audio
  3. LM383 Power OTL 5.5W
  4. Small IC circuits for speaker

Note: All in all, you can use these small amplifier, too.

PreAmplifiers & MIC Non Tone Controls

  1. 4 Preamplifier Using Transistors
  2. 3 Universal Preamplifiers Using IC
  3. Transistor Stereo Bass Booster
  4. Microphone Preamplifier 2 CH
  5. Low Noise Microphone preamplifier
  6. Dynamic Microphone Preamplifier using Transistors
  7. Stereo Noise Filter
  8. Guitar Preamp – overdrive *** New

Tone controls & Graphic equalizers

  1. Classic low noise tone control circuits
  2. Hi-Fi preamplifier with tone control**new** Low distortion. Use low noise transistors Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
  3. Bass Treble Active tone control
  4. Passive Tone Control, Non-IC & transistors
  5. Super Pre Tone Control Project
  6. Top 3 circuits of NE5532 Preamplifier tone control
  7. Top 3 Graphic EqualizersLow noise, Cheap, and easy
  8. TDA1524 stereo tone control
  9. Low Noise Tone control If you want to avoid noise in the audio system you should try this. It uses NE55532, LF353, and more.
  10. Super Bass Booster It is a small circuit diagram with PCB. Using popular op-amps, 741, LF351, or more. And use a single power supply.
  11. Audio Loudness control

Audio Mixers, Filters, and Converters

  1. Mini Subwoofer simulator
  2. Micro Mixer
  3. Super stereo digital Echo
  4. Linear opto isolator
  5. Add Dimensional sound from 2CH to 4CH
  6. The cheap & small hearing aids project

Audio Controllers & Protection Circuits

  1. Simple delay speakers
  2. Speaker protection
  3. Tweeter speaker protection

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I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

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I love the electronic circuits. I will collect a lot of circuit electronics to teach my son and are useful for everyone.
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