108+ Power amplifier circuit diagram with PCB layout

If you want to look for the Power Amplifier circuit that consists of printed circuit boards.(PCB layout) This article will not make you disappointed surely. Which I have many levels of output. You can choose from 1 watts to 1,000 watts, OCL, OTL, BCL, Or any Class Audio amplifier circuit diagram.

Power amplifier circuit diagram with PCB

Small size within 20W Power Amplifier circuit

  1. 2 watts Stereo Using LM386 x3 *** New
  2. Guitar Preamp – over drive *** New
  3. Multi-purpose Amps 15W  using TDA2030
  4. Super Small Amps 1.2W using TDA7052
  5. TDA2822 Stereo amplifier
  6. LM386 audio amplifier circuit with PCB
  7. 20 watts Integrated Amplifier using TDA2005
    First 12V integrated Amplifier with tone control. It is an easy circuit using a 12V supply.
  8. TDA820M Mini Stereo Amplifier, 2W+2W
  9. The cheap & small hearing aids project.
  10. Mono amplifier two speaker

20W to the 50W audio amplifier circuit

  1. Gain Clone 40W+40W power amplifiers using LM3875**new**
  2. 30W RMS integrated AMPS using cheap transistors
  3. 35W Amplifier BCL by TDA2030
  4. Power Amplifier OCL 40W by 2N3055+MJ2955
  5. The OTL amplifier listen comfortably by TDA2030 and TIP41+TIP42
  6. Tiny 30 watts OTL amplifier using LM1875
  7. Mini 40-watt audio car amplifiers using HA13001 (Main amplifier)

50W to 100W

  1. 35W-75W Stereo power amplifier using TDA2050**new**
  2. The main amplifier 50-watt OCL by LF351-2N3055-MJ2955 with PCB
  3. 55 watts RMS classic OTL integrated amplifier that you build easily
  4. Power Amplifier OCL 50W by Mosfet (K1058 + J162)
  5. 60W stereo amplifiers no customization

100W Power Amplifier circuit only Popular

  1. 100W DC servo amplifier by MOSFET
  2. The cheap 100W transistor amplifier
  3. OTL 100W RMS by MJ15003+MJ15004
  4. 2 channel 100W min AF Power Amplifier (Dual Supplies) STK4231II

101W up, Audio amplifier circuit diagram

  1. 100-150W Super Hybrid Low THD Power amplifiers using STK-4048 **new**
  2. 120W Super Bridge Amps by TDA2030 (at 2 ohm speak)
  3. 300 watt – 1200 watt MOSFET Amplifier for professionals only.
  4. 200W Bass guitar super bridge amplifier
  5. 200-360 watts class G MOSFET Power amplifier
  6. 200 watts super bridge power amplifiers

CAR Power Amplifier_or_12V-15volt amplifier

  1. 50W BCL car audio amplifiers using TDA1562
  2. Mini 40 watt audio car amplifiers using HA13001
  3. LM383 Power Amplifier OTL 5.5W For Car

Pre Amplifiers – Pre MIC

  1. Universal mono preamplifier using ic lm741
  2. Transistor stereo bass booster
  3. Pre MIC (microphone preamplifier) 2 CH by IC NE5532 or LF353
  4. Low Noise Pre Microphone Amplifier
  5. Low noise tape head preamplifier
  6. Simple preamplifier circuits by transistors
  7. Circuit Clipping Amplifier

Tone controllers & Graphic equalizer

  1. Hi-Fi preamplifier with tone controls project circuit **new**
  2. Old low noise pre-tone using RC4739 **new**
  3. High-quality tone control circuit by transistor low noise
  4. Bass Treble Active tone control circuit
  5. The passive tone control circuit
  6. The super pre tone control project can build by yourself
  7. Low noise tone control circuit using C945
  8. Three circuits of preamp tone controls by NE5532
  9. Classic Tone control circuit with low noise transistor
  10. Stereo tone control circuit using IC TDA1524A
  11. Low noise pre tone control circuit using NE55532
  12. Super boost bass by UA741
  13. Transistors Graphic Equalizer
  14. Low noise Graphic Equaliser 
  15. 10 Channels Graphic Equalizer using LA3600
  16. Audio loudness control

Audio Projects

  1. Mini Subwoofer simulator using LF347N
  2. Micro mixer circuit by TA7137
  3. Super stereo digital echo by KT5211P
  4. High power mosfet amplifier circuit ideas
  5. Linear opto isolator circuits
  6. Add dimensional sound from 2ch to 4ch
  7. Add dimensional sound from 2ch to 4ch
  8. Separate stereo signal with LM324


  1. Simple delay speakers

More Amplifier without PCB layout

  1. Linear x10 Amplifier by 4011 Gate
  2. Quadraphonic – 4CH Amplifier for computer

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SSometimes, you may need to look projects or circuits but you don’t have idea please see below. It may can help you!

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ICs :

LM324 :: LM386


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