Simple electronic circuits


I understand that Simple electronic circuits is very important. My friends used to say the large projects electronics, came from small several electronic circuits to combinations. You would think that this statement is true. And some of your work. Lack of small things. The circuit will allow it to work well.

Also for the beginner. Seeking ideas decidedly. This article I would like to compile a simple electronic circuit. For convenience to my friends.

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Basic, Transistors Circuits

+ Single transistor phase shifter
+ The transistor lat as SCR trigger
+ Dynamic Compressors without power supply

Alarm system siren

+ Touch sensitive to Melody alarm by UM66
+ Fuse status indicator for 12V Supply
+ PIR Movement detector Project
+ PIR. motion sensor alarm circuit
+ Cheap siren with nand gate IC
+ Ambulance sirens circuit
+ Simple-mosquito repellent circuit
+ High power siren circuit using CD40106
+ Two tone siren sound with IC 4093
+ Four sirens sound with ic UM3561
+ Electronic siren circuit with two transistor
+ Cheap siren with nand gate IC
+ Voice warming by ic 555
+ Emergency power siren 6 watt
+ Police sirens sound with ic 555
+ Police bicycle siren circuits
+ Siren light from running light
+ Simple audio alarm with transistor

Sound generators

+ Sounds train whistle with ic 556
+ Forget door alarm circuit
+ Create music with IC-UM66T
+ Three music box circuit ideals
+ Tremolo Effect Circuit using uA741
+ Noise generator 2 frequency with IC555
+ Cricket Generator by 2N4891

Tone & Musical Generators

+ Musical chime generator with UA741 oscillator
+ Warbling Alarm Circuit with tone Generator
+ Touch sensitive to the melody alarm using UM66t

Protection circuits

+ The speaker protection circuit
+ Over & Under Voltage protection circuit
+ Alarm when the supply to rack
+ Overload protection circuit

Small Amplifier Circuits

+ 15W Amplifier using TDA2030
+ Super Small Amps 1.2W by TDA7052
+ TDA820M Mini Amp 2W+2W
+ TDA2822 stereo amplifier circuits
+ 4 Channel Home Audio Amps using TDA1554
+ 120W super Bridge Amps by TDA2030
+ Analog to digital Amplifier


+ Add Beautiful Car brake lights by BC327
+ Bike tail LED light flashing
+ Cheap car subwoofer filter circuits
+ Mini 40 watt audio car amplifiers using HA13001
+ Brake lights flasher circuits
+ Headlight Warning Buzzer
+ Add dimensional sound from 2ch to 4ch
+ Car Burglar Alarm timer delay using NE556
+ Light Flashing Car 12 Volt using LM3900
+ Warn the heat in an automobile
+ Electronic Motocycle ignition CDI Honda C-90
+ Car Battery Alarm

Other audio system

+ High quality tri-amplifier
+ The cheap & small hearing aids project.
+ Micro mixer circuit by TA7137
+ The subwoofer simulator by LF347N
+ Super stereo digital echo by KT5211P
+ Cheap surround sound system circuit diagram
+ Add dimensional sound from 2ch to 4ch

DC to DC converters

+ Micro DC Converter 3V to 9V
+ 12V to 5V 3A DC step down Regulator
+ Single Polarity Supply by IC LM741

RF circuits

+ FM wireless transmitter circuit
+ Cheap FM tuner by TDA7000
+ Simple Active antenna in SW/MW/FM bands
+ 27MHz CB Amplifier Circuit
+ Small AM portable radio using CIC7642E
+ Signal sound receiver with induction coil


+ Rising-edge trigger R-S Flip Flop
+ Analog To Digital Converters
+ Simple 555 ICs tester circuit
+ Dual RS232 port selector circuit
+ One button code Switch
+ A on-shot circuit ideals
+ Latching The 567 Output By IC Tone Decoder 567
+ Buffer circuits for digital cmos
+ The experimentation of 2-bit binary counters by CD4027-SN7473

Micro controllers

+ Cheap microcontroller training package by 68HC705


+ XR2206 Function Generator.
+ Symmetrical Harmonic Oscillator circuit
+ Wien bridge oscillator circuit
+ Current-controlled Sawtooth Generator Circuit

Crystal Oscillators
+ Variable Time base oscillator by cmos IC
+ 60HZ CLOCK Pulse Generator by IC MM5369
+ Low-volts Crystal Frequency Generator Circuit
+ Simple Crystal oscillator Circuit
+ 1 MHz time base using ceramic filter 10.7Mhz

Square Wave,Pulse
+ Time based clock generator using crystal for digital
+ Pulse generator control frequency by digital

Sine Wave
+ Oscillator generator twin frequencies
+ Sine wave generator circuit with double balance mixer IC

+ Voltage to Frequency Converter Circuit
+ Analog To Digital Converter Circuit Using Simple Parts
+ True RMS Converter circuit
+ Analog To Digital Converters
+ Analog to digital Amplifier


+ Cheapest signal cleaner circuit
+ Noise Filter for Stereo system
+ Hum Filter using electronic coil
+ Simple compressor with 1N914
+ The Filter circuit for the Scratch and Rumble Noise
+ Band rejection filter circuit using TL071

Transistors & OP-AMP

+ Complementary common-emitter circuit
+ Non-inverting integrator using op-amp
+ The signal amplifiers can set input and output ratio


+ Simple resistive load
+ DIY Cheap Resistance Decade Circuit


+ Super AC dimmer using IC-555& triac
+ 1200 Watt AC Dimmer by Triac Q4006LT
+ Modify AC Dimmer to automatic light switch controller

Electronic Controls

+ Power Battery Saver Circuit

Motor Controllers

+ 20A/ 12V-24V DC Motor controller using TL494 and IRF1405
+ Touch Motor Control by SCR and Schmitt Trigger


+ One button code Switch
+ Rotary electronic switch

Timers & Delay

Simple timer
+ Timer set for 30 minutes by transistor
+ Basic Timer using FET 2N3819
+ Basic Timer Control with NE555
+ 555 IC Timer control relay Switch

+ Timer control 1-15 minutes by Triac-IC555-LM358
+ Automatic timer switch with ua741
+ Simple Timer by CA3140 + NE555
+ 1 minute to 4 hour Alarm Clock Timer using CD4060
+ Digital timer controller 0-99 second using PIC16C56

+ Digital time clock with alarm circuit
+ Cheap Digital time clock with alarm circuit by LM8560
+ Countdown timer with alarm

+ 10 minute time delay by fet 2N3819
+ Diy surge protector circuits
+ 5 Minutes Time Delay using CD4093
+ 10 Second Fan ON delay time by transistor
+ OFF After Delay Switch by Mosfet
+ On After Delay with Mosfet
+ The Basic Delay Timer Circuits using IC-555 base.
+ Cheap microcontroller training package by 68HC705
+ Timer set for 30 minutes by transistor
+ Switch off delay circuit by 2N4871

Battery charger

+ Automatic Ni-MH battery charger
+ Portable power pack for mobile phones
+ Make solar aa battery charger by TL497
+ Best 12V battery charger circuit using LM311

Lighting circuit,LED display,Lamp flasher

+ Easy stereo VU-meter by KA2284
+ Battery Status Monitor by ICM7555
+ Light turning bike using IC LM3909

Traffic Light
+ Traffic light controller circuit
+ Simulate the traffic light circuit

LED running lights

+ 20 Output Sequencing Circuit by IC digital


+ Electronic Head or Tails Circuit
+ Logical guessing game circuit
+ Sensitivity contest circuit

Tester & Detector

+ Metal detector circuits
+ Precision Peak voltage detector
+ Lie detector circuit
+ Non contact ac detector voltage tester using CD4060
+ Simple 555 ICs tester circuit
+ Positive Negative Probe with IC 555
+ Electronic mailbox front door
+ Quality transistor checker with buzzer
+ Simple Electronic Stethoscope circuits New!


+ Current Transformer AC Load LED Indicator circuit
+ LED Display for On-Off battery indicator


+ LED VU meter circuit by transistor


+ Measure the distance by bicycle
+ Simple remote control tester circuit
+ Coaxial cable tester circuit
+ VHF Dip Meter circuit
+ Balance display circuit by BC147
+ AC power monitor with Led display
+ Strength meter using IC741
+ Measurements temperature
+ Simple vu meter schematic
+ 100 microammeter by 1 milliammeter
+ Simple Signal injector by transistor
+ Many Logic probe circuit ideas.
+ Adding voltage rang for old multimeter

Capacitance Meter
+ Add to capacitance measurement range for a general digital multimeter


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