ElecCircuit – Simple Electronics Vol.3

ElecCircuit Books 3

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Contents list


  • Experiment TL431 circuits as shunt regulators and more
  • How Astable Multivibrator using Logic Gates work | Example Circuits
  • Experiment increase current of 7805 with 2N3055 transistors
  • Constant current circuit using transistors
  • CD4017 datasheet & Pinout and working explained
  • Recycling electronic circuit boards to build 5V Regulator
  • -Transistor series voltage regulator with overload and short circuit protection
  • DC to DC Buck converter working principle
  • Simple 12V transistor switching power supply
  • CD4047 Astable multivibrator circuit
  • What is switching power supply vs linear, and how does it work?


  • Toy Organ circuit using transistors
  • Clock generator circuit, 60Hz oscillator using MM5369
  • Continuity Tester Circuit with Buzzer and LED
  • 1.2V AA Battery Solar Charger Circuit
  • Simple Condenser Mic Preamplifier Circuit using 2N3904
  • Non-contact AC voltage Detector using transistors and IC
  • Low Voltage Battery Indicator circuit using LM339
  • Automatic Solar Light circuit
  • Simple Coin Toss Game circuits diagram

We love Power supplies!

  • 0-30V Variable Power Supply at 3A
  • 9V Regulated Power Supply Circuit Diagram
  • USB 5V to 12V DC-DC Step-Up Converter circuit
  • 5V Low Dropout Regulator Circuit using transistor and LED
  • 3.7V to 5V Boost/Step-up DC converter circuit using MC34063
  • 1.5V/3V Step down switching regulator(5V input) using KA34063
  • 7805 Constant Current Battery Charger circuit
  • Gel cell battery charger circuit
  • How 741 Op-Amp Power supply Circuit works
  • Simple Variable power supply circuit 0-30V 2A

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