UM3561 Sound effect generator circuits

Here is The 4 Sound effects generator using UM3561 and a few parts only. It can make siren, Ambulance sirens, Police car sirens, Fire truck siren, and Space Machine Gun Sound effect

How it does works
As Figure 1 is the circuit diagram. To begin with, R1 is connected to pin 7 and pin 8 of IC1. Which are the OSC1 and OSC2 pins will controls the frequency of the oscillator circuit inside IC1. If the value of R1 lower will be high frequency up. But R1’s value is higher will be low frequency down.

4-sound effect using UM3561

Figure 1 The circuit diagram of The 4 sound effect using UM3561

Then a choosing sound at appearing at the output will select with the connecting of both pin SEL1 (pin 6) and pin SEL2 (pin 1) either pin to positive or negative or all release.

1. If release pin 1 and pin 6 quietly the IC will emit the Police car sirens.
2. If we connect pin 1 (SEL2) to positive voltage (4th position) will get the Space Machine Gun Sound effect.
3. If pin 6 (SEL1) is connected to the positive (position 2) we will hear the fire truck siren.
4. But pin 6 is connected to a negative voltage (position 3) will hear the Ambulance sirens.

In selecting will connect either pin SEL1 or SEL2 only. When we selected pin SEL1 or ???? SEL2 then the controller circuit inside the IC will send a signal to control and command counter circuit to identify the location of data in memory. While sending data to the audio generator circuit. To make Tone of according to the data being recorded.

The tone will be sent to pin 3 of IC1, then it will be increased by both transistors Q1 and Q2 through R2. Which serves to limit current bias both transistor, the signal strength to be able to output sound to the speakers. Or If this sounds like a lot, It can be connected signal from pin 3 of IC1 goes into a high-gain amplifier circuit as needed.

How to build.
This project we can assemble them on the perforated board as Figure 2 because there are a few parts.
the component layout and wiring of 4 sound effect
Figure 2 the component layout and wiring of 4 sound effect.

The project successfully been installed on the PCB
Figure 3 The project successfully been installed on the PCB.
I use a selector switch for select the sound output by I connecting wire as Figure 4
How to use single selector switch of 4 step
Figure 4 wiring the selector switch make we easy to choose tone output.

We can apply two AA 1.5 volts battery to supply of this circuit. If everything is OK Would have heard the Police car sirens out for sure. Then try the wires of lead SEL1 or SEL2, neither leg touches the positive, can signal one another.
Or can be modified in a theft or a kids toy. It does not rule any
As video below or Figure 5 is testing the projects

The part list
Resistors 1/4W 5%
Q1_2N3904, NPN – transistor 0.5A 40V
Q2_2N2222, NPN – transistor 0.8A 40V
S1_Slide switch 3 lead.
S2_Selector switch 4 steps.
Speaker 8 ohm 0.5W.
9 volts battery and snap connector.

UM3561 four Siren Generator

Operation of four siren sound generator circuit using  UM3561, IC1 number ready to create a sound all four sound at pin 7, 8 of IC1 to the R1, VR1 to take to control the frequency of oscillator circuit the internal IC. If the VR1 adjust less frequently and will increase if VR1 adjusts the frequency that would cost a lot less. When the power supply is integrated into the police car sirens sound out.
If the switch S1 will press space, press switch S2 sound gun will fire if the sirens sound, press switch S3 ambulance sirens will sound signals are sent out from pin 3 of IC1 then.
Expanded with Q1, Q2, with R1 serves to limit current in pin B of Q1.

Four siren sound generator circuit using  UM3561


Parts you will needs

S1-S3..Push bottom switch
Q2_2N2222 NPN transistors 1.5A  30V
Q1_2N3904___NPN transistor 0.5A  20V
8 ohms speaker
VR1_100K potentiometer
R1_150K  0.5W  resistors
R2_10K   0.5W resistors

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