Simple High power LED flashlight

This is a simple high power LED flashlight, we use 24 LEDs super bright for display and 3 AA batteries and resistor for limit current so cheaper. My son buys this LED flashlight but is low light. Thus, he wants to build the new high power LED flashlight with himself.

How does it work

We use the 24 white super bright LEDs. A circuit diagram in Figure 1. They are connected together in parallel. The each led need to use the voltage about 3.3V – 4V at 20mA current. It makes LEDs uniform brightness, but use all current are 0.4A to 0.6A.

Simple High Power LED FlashlightFigure 1 Simple High power LED flashlight’s the circuit diagram

We used 1 ohms resistor for limit current to save This circuit we use 3x AA 1.2V x A nickel-metal hydride battery. So their total voltage is 3.6V

Let’s build this project
We assemble the LEDs and resistor on universal PCB Board. As Figure 2

assemble the LEDs and resistor on universal PCB Board

Then,solder the LED’s leg and resistor 1 ohms. This step is hard for my son. As Figure 3
solder leg all parts

Finally, solder all parts on PCB and wiring.
We measure all current active approximately 0.5A but very very bright. As Figure 4

measure all current

Then, Glued to install the PCB to the battery holder. As Figure 5

Glued to install the PCB to the battery holder

Next, We attach a high magnetic to Can be used on cars or steel cabinet doors made from steel and more easily. As Figure 6

We attach a high magnetic

The end, We made a Simple High power LED flashlight successfully. As Figure 7

made a Simple High power LED flashlight successfully

My son is happy, it has very high brightness.

Simple High power LED flashlight by chayapol

So what? not only that: See other circuits.

Simple 1.5V LED Torch circuit

Just only 5 parts you can get this one.
Simple 1.5V LED flashlight or torch circuit

High power LED flashlight circuit, 6 LEDs for 1.5V AA battery

High power LED flashlight circuit, 6 LED for 1.5V AA battery
This high power LED flashlight circuit to look like a torch by use on 1.5V battery only

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Salim Khan

how do you find resistors watt? Please reply.

rick hodgson

Nice Job On This Project!!! Many Thanks(For The 1000th Time) From MROHM1970

rick hodgson

@Salim…Here Goes..P= E x I = .4a x 4v5 = 1W8…( 1.8 watts)..,Use a 2 to 5 watt resistor . Nothing Hard Here…. We are Just Using Ohm’s Law!!! Good Luck With Your Project!!!

chayapol garaipoom

Hi rick hodgson
Thanks for your feedback.

Hi Salim Khan,
Thanks for you feedback.
My son use 1Watts only it not hot because he use short times.

Hi Rick hodgson,
Thank you so much. That you helping me. Your sound is useful.


bravo,frumos proiect,vi\oi face acest circuit pentru biciclta

ma kader

help me. your fone number i call you.

Bonci Cesare

Wonderful ! it’s nice and very useful collection . Thanks a lot.

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