KA2284 Stereo audio level indicator

Here is cheap Stereo audio VU meter circuit with PCB. This is ka2284 audio level indicator. It is suitable for beginner or people who like to save. We recommend you an electronic VU meter project that saves price and stereo system. In each channel is 5 LEDs

This LED meter can show an power of the output of power amplifier. Also, It is a signal meter. It can measure an amplitude of output signal in Tuner, CD player and more. It’s good quality, very worth it, in a very cheap price.

How it works

KA2284 Stereo audio level indicator

Figure 1 Easy stereo VU-meter circuit using KA2284

First of all, the heart in the operation of ka2284 audio level indicator. It is AC/DC 5-Dot Dual Led Level Meter Driver IC, in DIP-9. Then, It is designed to display a bar. There is changing in Logarithm mode. It shows each of LEDs are -10, -5, 0, 3 and 6 dB.

Next, the output of this circuit can drive each LEDs that current higher up to 15mA

Last, the application of this project is very easy. Because it uses just two ICs and a few other components as Figure 1

How to build this project

We can build this easy project. We just connect right all components as PCB layout. They will work for sure.

We have to be careful, LEDs and electrolyte capacitors. Often we put them the wrong polarity, can damage it.

In addition Figure 2, shows PCB and device location. The beginner or safety should use the socket for IC. We may bring a normal 18 DIP socket, to cut into 2 the 9 pin socket. It is great I like it!

Pin 1 is Observe the index mark on one side of the IC. Sometimes it may round, there is the main point.

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Figure 2 the PCB and Components layout of this projects

When building completely then provides voltage to this circuit. Then, connect an output of a power amplifier to the input of this project. Next, adjust a volume of the amplifier. We will see LED running beautifully as follows the amplitude of the input signal.

From the circuit to see that, we have to focus on the design the beautiful. LEDs run separated from each channel, from the center to the left and right. If you do not like its form, you can order it to a new LED model.

All components list
IC1,IC2_KA2284 , AC/DC 5-Dot Dual Led Level Meter Driver
LED1-10_LED 5mm, as you like
R1,R2_68 ohms,  resistors 0.25W +/-5%
C1,C6_10uF 16V_Electrolytic capacitors
C2,C5_0.1uF 50V, Polyester capacitors
C3,C4_2.2uF 50,  Electrolytic capacitors

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