About Us

I have been a freelance simple electronics writer. Now I am single dad that take care of two children full time.

We are Homeschooler. The our life have happy to Learn by family way.
I teach my son only one subject is “Electronics” because It’s our job we love it.

We like collecting lots of electronic circuits and projects, that will help people who are interested in Electronics. To use as idea for hobby and learning.

We are sorry! My English is very poor so hard to understand. But, most people said the many circuits has useful. Make we have power to share Electronics for everyone.

Learn together with us!

Dream Team

-My son (Chayapol Garaipoom) design the Circuits and PCBs layout by EasyEDA.com and Inkscape ( Both FREE).
-I(Apichet Garaipoom) write content and admin.


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