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I graduated with a High Vocational Certificate in Electronics. I feel very happy. Because when I graduate.

I immediately have done my favorite job, writer. This work is highly independent. I always learn at the same time as the reader.

I want to have Bachelor’s Degrees. But my age has increased. Making this idea even more distant.

Of course, It doesn’t matter who I am. But I want to help you develop electronics skills.

I have collected lots of electronic circuits and projects. They may be useful for learning and making a hobby.

I do this site full time. It is a hard job, use much time and a lot of energy like other jobs.

Though, I am not good enough at explaining Electronics in English. But some said that contents are useful. This is encouraged me to share Electronics with people.

And you!

Thank you

I have been happy that my content is useful to you.

I thank you for everything that made us meet. Thanks to the internet, thanks to domain name providers, web hosting, WordPress developers, Theme and plug-in developers, etc.

Thank you so much. The author of electronic books around the world. I like to read and collect interesting electronic circuits.

And most importantly the Google creates a good translation system. Allowing me to improve my language even better. If you do not understand my text. It is because I am improving the use of appropriate English text.

Please Support Me

Thank you so much for your support of me. To keep my site running.

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Thanks for reading

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Hello sir,

I am chandu and i want to step up 24V(2×12) lead acid truck battery voltage to 48V for my electric college electric go-kart project.Please let me know if you some more details about my project.Please reply soon.
Thank you.

Chandu Mistry


My dear friend is a pleasure to greet you and express my best regards, Referring to this circuit, regulated supply 0-50V – 5A, the image is not very clear, if you please be so kind to give me a clearer picture. – As for the electronic components integrated circuits abound in the market. – Is a sink (aluminum) to the left of D2, has polarity and function meet. (Diagram below) – As for the diode D2 which would be the standard: 6CB11, 6GB11 6CBN is not legible in the diagram, what would be the equivalent (replacement) of D2 – SW2,… Read more »


I want a battery monitor circuit that have three LED red,yellow and green.
When battery votlage is below 3.4V the red LED glows only,when battery votlage is above 3.4V red and yellow glows and when battery reach to 4.1V red,yellow and green LED goes on so please suggest a circuit.Reply soon


Thanks for tell me
It correct, please see the pcb.


Thank for your comment I like it.
This circuit so old I sorry for not clear , I am new.
Please wait for me to write this article from my book.

Gary D

Dearest momename,
your website is very interesting and potentialy useful, and your efforts and hard work are obvious. Personally I’m still learning much about component level electronic circuitry, and the explanations and descriptions are vital. It is obvious that you struggle with english, or at least your translator does. You might consider posting in english and another language which you speak fluently and can make accurate and helpful remarks in. Just let us know.

Thank-you for your site, and best wishes.


Hi @Gary D

Thanks to the impressive site.It is hard work. When using English, I needed translated into English. (You are correct.) I tried to use plain English style. Easier to read.

I feel uncomfortable. My site is very slow. Because, my poor English. I appreciate everyone’s interest. It is very driving force.
Thank-you for your comment, and best wishes too.


hello momename,
i am doing “4 digit sensor counter using mcs51-AT89C1051” as my project. It has been weeks i was looking for 1051 and i couldnt find it, can i just replace with it with other similar controller like AT89C2051 or NTE3100 with the same connections as u did?


Thanks for all the (mostly useful) stuff you put on this website! It is greatly appreciated 🙂


Dear friend,
Indeed your venture is most appreciable. language Long live and wish u all success in your all ventures.


MR OHM 1970

Dear Sir,,,, I Understand You Perfectly!!! Your Circuits Are Awesome and I Love Your Site!!! Best Regards From Canada And MR.OHM!!!!Momename You Are GREAT!!!

MR OHM 1970

So Many Projects Here and So Little Time To Build Them All!!! Many Thanks From MR.OHM 1970 for all Your Efforts!!!


Last week there was workshop by efy kits
but the concept was not clear, now aftr seeing your forum it is very useful. can someone tell me how simple wireless controll robot work?


Hi, I have a older Honda motorcycle that is running on a 6v system. Would it be possible to run a 12v dc lighting circuit using a step up transformer? Or is there a better way to go?
I would be very thankful for any information or ideas that you may have. Thank you

Yan Kanaya

hi sir,i’m verry happy with your site,coz i’m hobby electronic. From indonesia. Thank’s very much

Yan Kanaya

hi sir,i’m verry happy with your site,coz i’m hobby electronic. Thank’s very much

Punam shah

Hi Momename,
i read your articles,very interesting.
i want variable 0-130 voltDC supply. with input
230 volt AC.DC supply can be raise or lower by
small motor. can you give me circuit for this.
Punam shah


tell me the value for transformer in DIY wireless video and audio sender circuit


I have been using your web site for about two years and think you are doing a fine job.Keep up the good work.By the way your english is quite good. Thank you,JON.



We very very happy to read you sound.

Thanks for power to us.

We will keep up this job all times.

vikas sangle

dear sir
i am sangle vikas studied in e&tc 3rd year engg. I need your help regardingdelta modulation circuit diagram and component with specification.
i would be highly obliged if grant me your help.


Hi to you!

Your site is a great project which certainly is interessting for many people.
Don’t bother about your English.


Thanks for your power to me.
Many times some people comment my English very poor.

But I will keep this job.
And Now I so happy.
My son like it and will make this as successor indefinitely.


could u plss get any circuit for 2.1ch amplifier


Can’nt ? texs in indonesions language, please..thanks

Ravinder rawat

Hi sir i am the student of electronic and commnication enginnering in 2nd year
I want to say you that this site is fantistic
i want some tips to you for my mini projuct


Watching your so called pro-amps, you use a cheap schematic, which is available on a large of forums on inet and ain’t build pro at all.
It allmoest looks like you’re a novice yourself.


Can you help me to build a voltage drop down circuit of from 6 vdc to 3 vdc with minimum loss. I am working on a LED lamp circuit.


pleas i wont and i like learn easy electronic some projects pleas help me i think you can help me also my english are very very poor only wont good hart thank you muditha silva .

ali arbatani

Thank you for your site
Have a good work in this field as possible the circuits in your site
In which a programmingIC can be used for site

Laurie Broughton

I’m sure someone would be prepared to run through your site and correct the English – it can be quite difficult to follow what you are saying sometimes.



Wonderful circuits! Good diagrams!
Readers can figure out what you want to say–based on your English level. Keep reading lots of English books and your English will surely improve.
You are doing a good job!

jose freitas

Hello, I am an apprentice in electronics and spend a simple circuit to delay the initiation of a relay.

can help me indicating one of your circuits?

Thanks for taking my call.

jose freitas


I want 2030 ic 4.1 circuit 4 mosfet


This is a good site. .Wonderful circuits. .u r helping us all.good luck.


hi i need a simple circuit for pulse generator edm.
this edm is a super drill.
please insert it power mosfet irfp460.
voltage is abut 120v in open.
this circuit should adjustiveable [email protected] offpulse control.

Ken Bjørn Nilsson

Hej Momename. Jeg sidder her og har prøvet at lave en Amp med 2 stk tipl 575 og 52 + volt og 52 – volt. Jeg ville efterligne den gamle Amp som jeg havde engang en starmaker 8041 mixer og det er her du nok kan hjælpe mig. Den på + siden tager signal, ok og den i – går ampærerne fra – til basis. Jeg håber inderligt at du kan hjælpe mig. Med Venlig Hilsen Ken Bjørn Nilsson. TAK


plz provide us a reverse parking ckt using 555 …..

Neeraj B.Lal

Really Brother u r doing a very very good job for the electronics hobbysists. Please keep it up & serve the mankind. GOD BLESS:::


Hi, Neeraj B.Lal
Thanks for your feedback we will keep this job.


Your English is easily understood, no need to apologize for it.

There are not enough people interested in electronics, your site helps the ones that are find useful projects.



Hi Gray,
Thank you very very much.
Today we very happy,hear you say that.
My wife love me that write English, people can read understand.


Great site! I really like the DC pwr supply and charging/converter circuits. You have good diagrams, and explain things well. Not only how, but WHY. Your English is fine with me. Keep up the good work! Thanks from Michigan


Hi Jim,
Thanks for your feedback.
I am happy very much for you tell me.
My wife and I promise that we will keep this working continuously.

Charles borromeo

Hi Momename,I like your easy electronics site, please carry on.
Thanks From; Charles


sir 4 water sensor alarm using LM380,which type of sensor is required pls tell me


Hi there,
thanks for this awesome collection of circuits. It is instructive and useful and your English is absolutely sufficient.
Best wishes from Germany,


Hi Georg,
Thanks for your feedback. I will keep my job because useful for everyone.
I’m happy you can read my English.


I want to use variable to adjust output volt. I want to use output from 3V DC to 12V DC with load of 0.5 amp to 5 amp. I have used 10K to 500K variable but they are burning up in seconds. Please advice

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