TDA2822 stereo amplifier circuit with pcb & datasheet

This is TDA2822 small stereo power amplifier. The TDA2822 is  Dual Amplifier gives power watts at 1W + 1W. The bandwidth expansion rates at 40dB 120kHz use power supply since 1.8V to 15V. More datasheet read below.

TDA2822 Stereo amplifier circuit

and use current 6mA feed power supply 9volt reach the circuit C7 will perform filter fire level smoothly then go to feed power supply give with IC1 at 2 input signal pin will on the left and right that come in to change VR1 and VR2 for fine decrease popularity level has of the sound already coupling change C1 and C2 from that time pass by reach input of IC1 at 7, 8, 6 pin and 5 respectively from that time a signal had that to enlarged then go out 1 pin way.

TDA2822 stereo amplifier circuit with pcb & datasheet

Which be the output of the channel a signal on the left and pin 3 ways are output of the channel on the right by a signal output of left channel and right channel will change C3 and C4 signal coupling reaches a loudspeaker. By have R1, C5 and R2 C6 perform to eradicate the noise of each the channel goes out.

When using the power supply 9V into this circuit.VR1 and VR2 to adjust the signal level of the right and left, the pin 7 and pin 6 of IC1.The amplifier IC1 is out of the output pin 1 and pin 3, through the C4 and C5 coupling signals to the left and right speakers. The C6, R1 and C7, R2 is to reduce noise.

How to build this project

This project is a simple stereo amplifier in small size PCB see in Figure 2 and you can put all parts in the components layout.
Figure 2 the PCB layout and the components layput of a stereo small amplifier using TDA2822

The detail components
Electrolytic capacitors
C1,C2_10μF 25V
C3_100μF 25V
C4,C5_470μF 25V
Polyester capacitors
C6,C7_0.1uF 63V
B1_3V to 9V battery
Speaker 8 ohms

My friend asks me how to connects the potentiometer to this project.
Please look at Figure 3


TDA2822 datasheet-Dual power amplifiers

This is datasheet of TDA2822 as a dual power amplifier in portable radio on DIP 16pin. We can use as stereo configuration and Mono (Bridge audio amplifier).
It has clearly featured as follows:
– The supply voltage down to 3V can use with AA 3V battery.
– Wide supply range 3V-16V
– Up to 2W + 2W output power(highly popular).
– Low crossover distortion
– Low quiescent current.

Keep Reading

Pin connection (top view)
The typical application circuit (stereo)

PCB layout and components layout of the circuit above.



The typical application circuits (Bridge at 4 watts output)

External Idea circuits
TDA2822 Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit
TDA2822 STMicroelectronics
TDA2822 Dual Low-Voltage Power Amplifier, DIP-8

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