Elec Circuit Vol 2

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Contents list


  • Make Simple Electronic Buzzer circuits
  • How to make a simple inverter circuit diagram within 5 minutes
  • KA2284 Stereo audio level indicator
  • 5-20 minutes timer circuit using IC 555
  • LED VU Meter circuits using transistors, 5 to 20, 40 LED


  • How does a transistor circuit works
  • How do SCR works and basic circuits
  • 7805 datasheet voltage regulator IC: Pinout and example circuits
  • Fixed voltage regulator working principle
  • Uses of capacitors | Capacitance | RC circuit time constant and Coupling

We love Power supplies!

  • Transistor Variable power supply 1A, 0-30V
  • Dual 15V Power Supply circuits With PCB, +15V -15V 1A
  • 100w Inverter circuit 12V to 220V using Transistor
  • LM350 Adjustable voltage Regulator, 1.25V to 22V at 3A Output

Let’s make Amplifier Projects

  • Speaker protection circuit with PCB
  • TDA2030 Audio Power Amplifier Circuits, Mono, Stereo 15 to 30 watts
  • 50W OCL main amplifier using LF351-2N3055-MJ2955 with PCB
  • TDA2030 – 35watts Bridge Amplifier
  • 7 Tone control Stereo Preamplifier circuit with PCB, Low noise
  • VU meter circuit Stereo/Mono 20 LED with PCB
  • 5 Tone control circuits using op-amp NE5532

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