Simple nicad battery charger circuit by little part

Do you use a 9V battery? Many projects use it as source energy. The nicad battery is good commonly used. We can recharge them when dies. If you do not have a battery charger. I recommend this is Simple nicad battery charger circuit.

It is suitable for beginners. But still works great. Charging batteries are commonly used in the circuit because it’s cheap. Because we use a simple little device really.

The Ni-cad battery charger circuit can be used with the battery will charge with 4.8 Volt current 800mA using it for about five hours, “which serves R1 limit the current flow.


To the Ni-cad battery charger circuit where the R2 and LED1 is told that the state of the battery charger that fully or to show that if LED1 on battery power is not full.

Simple 9-volts NiHM-Nicd battery charger circuit

Here is Simple 9-volts NiHM-Nicd battery charger circuit as Figure 2.
Input is 12-volts from normal DC adapter and take 9-volt battery to Snap connector.

Simple 9-volts NiHM-Nicd battery charger-circuit
Figure 2 the 9-volts NiHM-Nicd battery charger circuit is easy.

Simple 9-volts NiHM-Nicd battery charger
Figure 3 Real to use simple projects.

But if you want to the circuit better than this. Click here:
Nicad Battery Charger by IC LM317T
and Constant current battery charger circuit

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i have construct the 12v circuit and gives 10,5v output but led doesnt light even
with or without battery on it.

Ryan Wainwright

Worked Great! Thanks for sharing.


great project, battery charging with 9volt but would like to know the volt of battery charging when the led comes on. on the note, i am new to electronics just wondering how LED works if connected to positive rail only. so far charging 16mA is that right.

Thanks in advance


Tnks can that 4.8v nicd charger be use for nimh too same volt and how to increase the current charging


Use is very simple so project nice

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