PWM Speed Rotation Forard-Reverse and Regenerative Braking

This is PWM Speed DC motor Rotation circuit. It can Forard-Reverse and Regenerative Braking function. By this circuit use a signal PWM control the speed of DC 12V motor with Power mosfet IRF150. The relay RY1 use control Reverse with the digital alarm , change , Q10. The Relay RY2 work be , function brake resistor. By control Run or stop with the digital alarm with . The F1 , use protect through the circuit. The D1 use for protect current turn back from DC Motor. The detail is other , please see in the circuit.

PWM Speed Rotation Forard-Reverse and Regenerative Braking

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Hi, Your Project is the last resource to me for my project submission in my college.
Can you please explain me about me the working of circuit?
Regenerative Braking in your circuit and it’s flexibility
also can I interface with Arduino to drive your circuit?

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