ElecCircuit – Simple Electronics Vol.4

ElecCircuit Vol.4

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Contents list


  • Experiment with transistor as switch
  • Experiment with Parallel Transistors for More Current
  • Experimenting with LM317 as power switch controller
  • Recycle Free Li-ion battery from E-waste
  • Precision Full-wave | Half-wave rectifier circuit using OP-AMP
  • Recycling free white SMD LED from e-waste


  • 3 LED Chaser circuit using transistor without IC
  • Triangle wave generator circuit with CMOS inverter IC
  • Creating a simple 1.5V LED Flasher circuit
  • Outdoor solar lights circuits
  • Simple Automatic Motion Sensor Light Circuit
  • Motion detector alarm circuit with a PIR sensor
  • Simple emergency light circuit
  • Automatic Night Light Circuit using LDR and IC-741
  • Simple Water Level Alarm Circuit using a Transistor
  • DIY Flashing Bicycle LED Taillight Circuit

We love Power supplies!

  • Simple Li-ion Battery Charger Circuit with Automatic Cut-Off
  • Let’s learn how Cell Phone Charger circuit work
  • Microcontroller | Digital power supply circuit, 5V 3A using LM350 & transistors
  • Experiment of 5V Buck Converter Circuit Using Transistors
  • 5V 2A Buck converter circuit using KA34063

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