NE567 Datasheet Tone decoder/phase-locked loop and example circuits

NE567 Datasheet Tone decoder_phase-locked loop and example circuits

Imagine we want to detect the frequency. But we will use what methods or equipment is appropriate. Choose NE567 is Better. Why? The NE/SE567 tone and frequency decoder is a highly stablephase-locked loop with synchronous AM lock detection and poweroutput circuit. NE567 is good at driving a load whenever the input frequency within its detection … Read more

Transistor Crystal Oscillator circuit ideas

If you are looking for a constant frequency generator that easy and inexpensive. Here are the transistor crystal oscillator circuit ideas. They may help you works finish. There are 4 circuits as follows. 1# Carrier wave generator circuit 25 years ago, I used this oscillator circuit to AM radio station. I use it like a … Read more

15 Filter circuits using electronic coil

Hum filter using the electronic coil

I love to collect a lot of circuits. A filter circuit is important in Electronics. I will show you many ideas of noise hum, high-low frequency, and more. Some will smile it so easily and without a power supply. These are small circuits, so easy to apply, and try into your works. There are seven … Read more