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5-30 minuts timer circuit using IC 555

This timer circuit uses a 555 IC timer number. This small,compact and portable. For the snooze alarm by buzzer when some 5 to 30 minutes. It makes clear the brain is ready to continue to work.

When the switch S1 to enter a power supply circuit, it will be ready to go.The circuit includes a circuit IC1 Mono Stable for the delay.The switches S3-S6 as election time.If selected by S3, 5 minute timer.S4 is located at 10 minutes.S5 timer for 15 minutes and S6 is scheduled for 30 minutes.If you want to set for 10 minutes, switch S4 is followed by a switch S2 to start all the time.Work is that when switch S4 will allow the current flowing through R4 will flow through the switch S4 to C2.Acting with a delay charge and discharge completely.Then send a signal to Pin 7 and 6 of IC1 resulted BZ1 beeps Buzzer out.

The time value is determined by the value R2, R3, R4, R5 and C2.If you want to set up a long time, it increases the R and C, but would spend less if it reduced the R and C.

5-30 minuts timer circuit using IC 555

How to build this projects
This projects is very easy because use a few components. As show in Figure 2 is PCB layout and the component layout.
So must be extra careful is. Devices with terminals such as IC-555 , Electrolytic capacitors and the buzzer will are connected match terminals only.
the PCB layout of 5-30 minuts timer alarm circuit using IC555
Figure 2 is PCB layout and the components layout

This project worked my son test it on the breadboard. Below.

He test at 5 minuts.

The copper PCB layout

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  1. this circuit not working

  2. Hi, Midhun

    Thanks for your sound.

    On the circuit diagram a pin 5 and Pin 1 is placed alternately.

    We sorry for this error.

  3. Why pin 5 and pin 1 swap. I saw other 555 circuit, the pin 5 should connect cap. Moreover, if pin 1 and pin 5 swap, can you update the circuit. Many thanks.

  4. Hi,JV
    Normally Pin 5 to capacitor and Pin 1 to Ground.
    Please look at circuit.

    Thank for your comment.

  5. You Could Use A 4 Position 1 Pole Rotary Switch Instead Of 4 Switches..It would Work!!!!

  6. How we make the circuit will buzz every 30 minutes when S6 is turned on.

  7. Dear Admin,
    I want to make a timer circuit similar to what you shown here. But I want to connect the timer circuit to my Air Conditioner which is of 1647 Watt.
    And I want to make it work for infinite loop, i.e. it switch on for 30 mins then switch off and then again switch on and so on. Please suggest me the required modification.

    1. i did a combination of 555 and cd4047 ic

      1. Hell Char,
        Good idea. You made IC555 and CD4047 together. Please share me.

  8. Complete documents and diagrams for a 12 minute countdown timer using 74LS190 and 74LS47 ? Thanks in advance

  9. May I ask how you calculate the value of the R and C based on the wanted time?

  10. Tnx i really enjoyed de 5mins to 30mins timer.may God bless u

  11. what switch we should use??

  12. what switch we should use?

  13. Hi, dp
    Thanks for your feedback.
    You can normal SPST switch.

  14. wow the timer alarm works

  15. Hi,bee.
    I am very very happy that hear you.
    Please show projects to us. Your project is best!

  16. not working! the buzzer turns on just after i switch on the circuit! what might be the problem???

  17. Hi tasn,
    Thanks for your feedback.
    This circuit works please check push bottom switch and circuit parts again.

  18. Hello again! the problem was with my switch S2,i used a SPST instead of a push switch. Now I’ve fixed it and the circuit works!! Thanks!

  19. i want to make circuit but the circuit work after 30 mniut .. this circuit let the buzer work for 30 mniut but iwant to let it start work aafter 30 mniut

  20. admin
    please help me out,how should i construct 10minutes timer

  21. i want to turn off my pump after 15 min after i switch on please suggest a modification

  22. hi sir please help me to make power supply 12v which ONtime is 15min and OFF for 30min and repeate this please mail imformation on my id [email protected]

  23. I want a circuit which can switch on a 500watt load for 10 min and then switch off the same load for 10 min and switching on and off goes repeatedly. Thank you

  24. I want to make a timer circuit for my home use submersible pump. Plz help me to make a circuit by which the pump switch offs automatically after 20mins of switch on.

  25. What kind of buzzer do I need (voltage) ?

    If I want to use a small round 5v buzzer, what do I need to change ?


  26. Hi sir,i want to turn off my pump after 15 min after i switch on please suggest a modification on my id [email protected]

  27. I try this using simulator but it does’nt work.

  28. please tell me when i start my water pump, how it will turn off ofter 08 min. with out water related circuits {tell me}.

  29. i want to stop my water pump (without water related circuits) ofter 08min. please tell me

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