5-30 minuts timer circuit using IC 555

Here is a 555 timer circuit project. You can use it for the snooze alarm with a buzzer.

When on-time 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes or even 1 hour.

It is easy to make and portable with small PCBs.


If you want to control other loads. It is easy with a relay directly. Because the output of 555 has a maximum current to 200mA.

How it works

5-30 minuts timer circuit using IC 555

When we turn on switch-S1 to enter a power supply to the circuit.  It will be ready to go.

The parts have a different function.

The circuit includes IC1-555 Mono Stable (timer) for the delay.

Switches S3 S6—choose a time as we want

  • If turns on S3 for 5 minutes. Then, turn off the S3.
  • To turns on S4 for 10 minutes.  Then, turn off the S4.
  • Next, it turns on S5 for 15 minutes. Then, turn off the S5.
  • Last, turns on S6 is scheduled for 30 minutes.

This project uses the principle of monostable multivibrator 555. It works with a delay charge and discharges completely.

When in time that setting. It will send a signal to Pin 3 is low. But can power buzzer-BZ1 beeps out.

The time value is determined by the value R2, R3, R4, R5, and C2.

If you want to set up a long time. It increases the R and C.

The time is short. If it reduced the R and C.

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How to build this project

This project is very easy. Because of using a few components. As shown in Figure 2 is PCB layout and the component layout.


the PCB layout of 5-30 minuts timer alarm circuit using IC555

You must be careful about some devices with terminals. For example, IC-555, Electrolytic capacitors, and buzzer. 

They will are connected to match terminals only.

Figure 2 is the PCB layout and the components layout

This project worked my son test it on the breadboard. Below!

He tests at 5 minutes.


The copper PCB layout

Adding Relay to control more

If you want to control more load. It is an easy way with helping of Relay. Look at the image below.

Add relay timer circuit using 555


This is a simple universal timer project. You can use a relay to connect with the buzzer. To control other loads that you want.

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