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  • LED Flashers Circuits and Projects using transistor
  • 10 Key Code Lock Switch Circuit
  • TDA2822 stereo amplifier circuit with PCB & datasheet
  • LM386 Audio Amplifier circuits with PCB
  • Make Police siren Generator circuits using 555 timer


  • What is a capacitor? Principle working, types, and how it works
  • What is Zener diode? Its principle working and example usage
  • Learn Voltage Divider Circuit Works with Rule and Calculating

We love Power supplies!

  • 0-50V 3A Variable power supply
  • Variable DC Power Supply, 1.2V to 30V 1A using LM317
  • Working Principle of Unregulated Power Supply in Simple Ways
  • 12V to 5V Step-Down Converter Circuits

Let’s make Amplifier Projects

  • 20 watts TDA2005 Bridge Amplifier Project with tone control Circuit
  • 30 watts OCL Amplifier circuit diagram with PCB using 2N3055
  • 40W Transistor Audio Amplifier Circuit with PCB
  • Hi-Fi audio tone control circuit using low noise transistors
  • Video amplifier splitter using transistor

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