Based time crystal Digital Clock Generator circuit

I am going to show you a crystal digital clock generator circuit. We design this circuit for the digital counter circuit. They require high accuracy frequency, in the square waveform.

The output frequencies have features for 60 Hertz, 1 Hertz, and 1/60 Hertz. Which convenient for use in the circuit about time bases such as a Timer circuit, a timer circuit, a digital clock and etc.

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How this circuit works

Look at the circuit below in Figure 1.

Based time crystal clock generator circuit

Figure 1: The circuit of Time based clock generator using CMOS IC MM5369AA

As heart in working is MM5369AA to generated clock frequency(standard digital clock) of 60 Hz.

Because we use the crystal frequency of 3.579 MHz to determine a fixed value of frequency. Therefore, the output is very accurate.

The output signal of 60 Hz at pin 1 of IC1 can use immediately. Especially, apply to the general digital clock circuit. We can use it directly.

But we need the lower than this frequency output. We need to apply this signal to the frequency divider circuit (IC2 to IC5 are CD4017) before.

  • 1Hz output
    The output from pin 11 of IC3 will has frequencies is 1Hz.
  • 1/60Hz output
    The output from pin 11 of IC5 will has frequencies 1/60 Hz (1 cycle per minute )

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How to builds this project

All components as this circuit can assemble into PCB as is shown in Figure 2. And, we design the power supply and 12 volts DC regulated supply within this PCB mixed perfectly. So, conveniently to applied.


Figure 2: The single-sided PCB layout and the Component layout for the PCB

When assemble finished to experiment to supply into the circuit. In order that we can use AC voltage from 12V to 18V of the center trap (CT) transformer. To apply Input directly to diode D1, D2.

Then, You get to the clock signal that has amplitude about 12 volts as you want.

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The components List

IC1: MM5369AA
IC2, IC3, IC4, IC5: CD4017
IC6: LM7812, DC regulated 12V-IC
D1, D2: 1N4001, 50V 1A Diodes
R1: 1K: 0.25W 1% resistors
R2: 10M x2, 0.25W 1% resistors
C1: TRIMMER capacitor 22pF

Polyester Capacitor
C2: 47pF
C5: 0.1uF 50V
C6, C7, C8: 0.01uF 50V

Electrolytic Capacitors
C3: 470uF 25V
C4: 470uF 16V

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