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TDA2030 Bridge amplifier circuit

This is a TDA2030 Bridge amplifier circuit diagram with PCB. It gives an output power of 35 watts to 40 watts at 8 ohms speaker. With using a +/- 15V Dual Power supply at the current least of 2A. Its advantage is small, easy to crease, cheap and without any modifications. Because we use two TDA2030.

Note: You can read more TDA2030 with a datasheet.

How it works

Normally, TDA2030 is an integrated circuit that uses as a low-frequency class AB amplifier.
Typically it provides 14W output power at ± 14V.

However, you can get more 35W output on TDA2030 in a bridged connection with a +- 15V power supply.

Power Amplifier BCL 35W by TDA2030

Circuit diagram of 35 watts Bridge Amplifier  using TDA2030

In the circuit above, there are two TDA2030 that are connected together. Both the output terminals—Pin 4 connect to the speaker.

You can learn bridge amplifier works here.

Then, see the input. The capacitor-C1 pass signal to pin 1 of IC1. It increases the signal up to out of pin 4.

By helping of R2, R3, and C2 to control the gain of IC1.

Next, some signals feedback to inverting input pin 2 of IC2 through R9.

Also, R7, R6, and C5 control the gain of IC2.

It causes the output of the circuit has high power more than 3 times normal.

Parts you will need

IC1, IC2: TDA2030 output 14W at 4Ω and 9W at 8Ω
0.5W Resistors 5%
R1, R2, R7, R8, R9: 22K
R3, R6: 680Ω
R4, R5: 1Ω

Electrolytic Capacitors
C1: 2.2μF 50V
C2, C5: 22μF 25V
C6, C7: 100μF 25V

Ceramic or Mylar Capacitor
C3,C4: 0.22μF 50V
C8, C9: 0.1μF 50V
PCB, Heatsink

How to build

First of all, you need to take all the components on the list above. Then, you may build a PCB layout as below. If you want faster then you may use Universal PCB. Which they do not too hard.

PCB layout TDA2030 Bridge Amplifier

When you buy all electronic components and PCB. Then, solder them on PCB. I should be careful

I am glad that people like this TDA2030 bridge amplifier circuit as well. Many people like and want to try to create it. I hope you will enjoy listening to beautiful music.

NOTE: While it is working TDA2030 is so hot. We need to use a suitable to it is cool down.

TDA2030 Bridge Amplifier circuit diagram 35W output

Update: More clear new designs

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