TDA2030 Bridge amplifier circuit

The TDA2030 Bridge amplifier circuit, power output of 35 watts to 40 watts at 8 ohms speaker. It use dual +15V -15V DC power supply at 2A max. The advantage of it is that we use ICs that are easy to find, small, easy to create without any modifications.
View IC TDA2030 must be mounted on heatsink.
Can be directly connected to CD players, tuners and tape recorders.

Power Amplifier BCL 35W by TDA2030

Circuit 35W Amplifier BCL by TDA2030

PCB 35W Amplifier BCL by TDA2030

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30W Amp OTL by TDA2030 +Transistor
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50W Power Amplifier Mosfet
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  1. i love this, low voltage but high power output, burning of spare parts would be less for possible errors of newbies in electronics. this is very good…

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  2. i want this dayogram

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