Simple IC-4011 LED flasher circuits

This is simple ic 4011 led flasher circuit that I would link to suggest you make it.But before you can use transistors,which difficulty when we learn about digital ICs. In particular, IC 4011, which has been very popular.

From this circuit :Easy ic 4011 led flasher circuit I apply to new stye display with a Single LED, by I use cool digital IC , GATE Flasher IC-4011 quad nand gate.

So the Flashing output frequency = 1Hz. The IC 4011 ‘s Input pin 1 use for Control LED ON or Flasher.

Logic = Low (LED ON) , Logic Hi = LED Flasher. I like this circuit because it is easy to make.

Detail more, Please read in this image circuit. and you can see the next circuit of Two LED Flasher


Here is Breadboard layout


As video below you can see this circuit that I test on breadboard. It’s workes!

This is Easy Lamp Flasher Simple lamp flasher, I uses NAND Gates IC 4011.
Circuit is an astable multivibrator generating at 50% duty-cycle square wave about 1Hz.

The C1 – 47uF capacitors and R1 – resistors are determine the flasher rate frequency.
You must uses High current power supply for lamp only.
I use power mosfet for driver lamp because it have high power and easy than transistor.
please see part of circuit in image.

Easy Lamp Flasher by IC 4011

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