Mini Electronic Projects

Are you looking for a mini project? Or you want to build the circuit diagram with the PCB layout.

Look in my site you may find a great choice.

Why these are interesting?

Mini Projects for beginner

Imagine you need a LED flasher circuit. You have many choices to do.
first, transistors circuit. Second, 555 timer version. And later, Arduino.

Which is better? For me, Easy and cheap is better. I pick transistor version first. Then, IC-555 or op-amp. For Arduino is so expensive for only LED blink.

Who is suitable for these?

  • Those who interested as a hobby
  • Student schools
  • ECE(Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  • EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) students

Also, studying in homeschooling like us

It is a good learning by doing!

If some project does not work. I am sorry to hear that. But you will learn the solution. It is not a failure. But it is another way of learning.

Most circuits assemble on universal PCB Board. Because of cheaper and faster than buying KITs.

If you try to create these electronic projects and get the results out. Please remember to share it with us.

More 200 Mini Electronic projects Inside

LM3914 LED voltmeter circuit

Simple LED voltmeter circuit using LM3914

When we had to leave the place, then it is necessary to measure DC voltage. If we carry all the ...
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Infrared Remote control transmitters Circuits

This is the Infrared Remote control transmitter circuit. It has high performance and can be applied to works with the ...
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LM338 _ Datasheet _ Adjustable Power Supply 5A and 10A

LM338 | Datasheet | Adjustable Power Supply 5A and 10A

Here is the LM338 Adjustable DC power supply circuit, 1.2V to 30V. It can provide a current maximum to 5A ...
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Simple inverter schematic diagram using MJ2955

How to make simple inverter circuit diagram within 5 minutes

When we need to use an inverter circuit diagram. Sometimes we cannot find it. But here is how to make ...
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inverter circuit 12V to 220V 500w

Inverter circuit, 12V to 220V at 500W

This is inverter circuit 500W output. It will convert 12VDC to 220V 50Hz. You can build it easily and inexpensively ...
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The-schematic-diagram-of-this-projects of 500W power inverter circuit using SG3526-IRFP540

500W power inverter circuit using SG3526-IRFP540

As the 200 watt inverter, Many people want to create a project of large power inverter about 500 watts. In ...
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555 Inverter circuit project

Make Simple 555 Inverter circuit using MOSFET

Do you want to learn a simple inverter circuit? The output is about 50 watts. And using a few parts ...
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60Hz calibration frequency standards for digital clock by MM5369

60Hz Standard frequency of Calibration using MM5369

This is the 60Hz Standard Frequency of the calibration frequency standards for the digital clock circuit. calibration for any the ...
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DIY infrared remote extender circuits

We use the DIY infrared remote extender circuit to control the satellite receiver from any room in the house.With a ...
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Bridge adapter circuit, stereo to high power mono amplifier

Bridge adapter circuit, stereo to high power mono amplifier

Many people want a higher watt power amplifier. But it is difficult and expensive. The easiest way is to bring ...
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I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

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