Mini Electronic Projects

Are you looking for a mini project? Or you want to build the circuit diagram with the PCB layout.

Look in my site you may find a great choice.

Why these are interesting?

Mini Projects for beginner

Imagine you need a LED flasher circuit. You have many choices to do.
first, transistors circuit. Second, 555 timer version. And later, Arduino.

Which is better? For me, Easy and cheap is better. I pick transistor version first. Then, IC-555 or op-amp. For Arduino is so expensive for only LED blink.

Who is suitable for these?

  • Those who interested as a hobby
  • Student schools
  • ECE(Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  • EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) students

Also, studying in homeschooling like us

It is a good learning by doing!

If some project does not work. I am sorry to hear that. But you will learn the solution. It is not a failure. But it is another way of learning.

Most circuits assemble on universal PCB Board. Because of cheaper and faster than buying KITs.

If you try to create these electronic projects and get the results out. Please remember to share it with us.

More 200 Mini Electronic projects Inside

Digital multimeter circuit using ICL7107/7016

Digital multimeter circuit using ICL7107

I am showing you a digital multimeter circuit using ICL7107. We modify them from a normal DC digital voltage meter ...
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Small hearing aids circuit project

Cheap & Small hearing aids circuit project

This is cheap hearing aids circuit project. Or a small listen booster is a simple function. They are similar to ...
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NiCD NiMH battery charger using LM317T

Universal nicd and nimh battery charger using LM317T

I am gonna show you a current and voltage constant NiCD battery charger project. For 2.4V,4.8V,9.6V Also, if you understand ...
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circuit of power amplifier mini 2w + 2w using TBA820

TBA820M Amplifier circuit stereo 2 watts

This is the TBA820M Amplifier circuit stereo 2W+2W. It requires supply voltage 12V. Easy to build and cheap. If you ...
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Experiment light switch circuit using jk flip flop

Light sensor switch circuit using JK-Flip-Flop

In the article, we will try to apply a JK Flip-Flop to Light sensor switch circuit experiment. It uses MC14027 ...
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How 741 Op Amp Power supply Circuit work

How 741 Op-Amp Power supply Circuit works

If you are looking for a simple power supply circuit with PCB. Here is how 741 Op-Amp Power supply circuit ...
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Morning alarm with sunlight using LDR and 4011

Morning sun alarm circuit using IC-4011

This is a morning sun alarm circuit using IC-4011. We make in hobby time or toys for my son. But ...
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Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager circuit

Simple Portable Electronic Pulse Massager circuit

Do you feel tired muscle? You may try this, a simple portable electronic pulse massager circuit. It will help you ...
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Transistor stereo bass booster circuit

Transistor stereo bass booster

This is a bass booster circuit that uses transistors as a base. It is designed to increase the low frequency ...
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60Hz calibration frequency standards for digital clock by MM5369

60Hz Standard frequency of Calibration using MM5369

This is the 60Hz Standard Frequency of the calibration frequency standards for the digital clock circuit. calibration for any the ...
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I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

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