TDA7052 amplifier | Low voltage 3V, 5V | 1 W BTL

This is TDA7052,  Tiny stereo audio amplifier for mobile or Ipad. Even a 5v audio amplifier circuit diagram. It helps you to use  AA 1.5V battery x2 (3V) to run a power amplifier.

There are two circuits diagram,  1W BTL Mono and stereo amplifier.

Mono small amplifier

In the circuit below. You may not believe your eyes. There are just five parts only, so easy.  Because most components are inside TDA7052 and Mono model on simplest BCL  at a maximum of 1.2W output.

This is Super Small and mini Power Amplifier BCL 1.2W using TDA7052. If you are seeking the circuit amplifies small-sized. I recommend this circuit because tiny economize with the equipment is a little.

And still can use force against large-sized get comfortably ( I have tried already ). Beside it still is low voltage amplifier circuit that volts power supply very wide be about 1.5V arrive at 15V as well.

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It is tiny size and can adjust volume by VR1. Regard as IC TDA7052 be worthwhile very much.

5V audio amplifier circuit using TDA7052

For you who want to try build this circuit. I have model PCB give a friend tests to see too.

Circuit Diagram of  5V BCL audio Amplifier using TDA7052

PCB layout and component layout.

Photo from

You can read TDA7052 datasheet pinout with DC volume control.

Mini Stereo Power Amplifier

The Small stereo amplifier circuit,low power, less devices, TDA7025 is the main part.

Operation of the circuit, the signal split into left and right through the capacitor coupling of C1, C2.

A variable resistor VR1 adjusts the strength of the input signals to bridge amplifiers

IC1- IC2 serves to amplify the signal up, drive out the speakers left-right.

Resistors R1, R2 set the input impedance to the circuit box.

The capacitor C4, the current filter to smooth and C1 reduce noise, and high frequency, resulting from the power supply to ground.

It helps to stabilize the circuit.

Small stereo amplifier circuit using TDA7052

This circuit power supply: 6-volt battery or batteries, only 4 watts of output power up to 1.5 watts at 8-ohm speakers to the sound of small TV, radio, cassette player.

It’s a light or sound. No one was banned. Only has a headphone jack or the phone becomes available.

How to build this small stereo amplifier circuit

We can build these projects with seeing the PCB layout in Figure 2 with the Universal PCB form for saving time and money.

C1,C2_10uF  25V  Electrolytic Capacitors
R1,R2_5.6K  0.5W  resistors
VR1, VR2_4.7K or 5K  potentiometer trimmer resistors
Speaker 8ohms 5 Watts
Universal PCB
and more
You can buy TDA7052 at

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We have other low volt amplifier circuit using 5V or 3V supply. Sometimes you may use them.


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