Many electronics circuits and projects for learning in simple ways.

Simple mini projects for ECE students with circuit diagram

These are simple mini projects for ECE students with circuit diagram with PCB layout.

Now, we collect more than 250 projects. They are ideal for student schools, ECE(Electronics and Communication Engineering), EEE(Electrical and Electronics Engineering) students those who interested as a hobby or also study homeschooling same us.

Good learning is to do! If the project does not work, we learn the solution. It is not a failure, but it is another way of learning.

Most Circuit, we assemble on universal PCB Board because cheaper and faster than buy KITS.

If you try to create these electronic projects. And get the results out. Please remember to share it with us.


Everyone needs to build the mini electronics project certainly work.You do not want to waste time on a circuit that does not work well.

It is easy to offer any electronic circuits on the internet. But it is difficult for presenting electronic circuit that really works.

We want to have a great experience with your first electronics project.

List of Electronics Mini projects for beginners

Simple Frequency Divider using one transistor BC549—If you looking for simple frequency divider circuit. This may be suitable for you. It will divide a frequency of input signal into just half to output.

How to make super fast fuse using SCR—To make super fast fuse using SCR. Why uses it? If fuse works slowly. So the circuit may damage. This fuse works so fast. Your circuit will be safe!

Monostable multivibrator using 555 timer—These are many Monostable multivibrator using 555 timer. We use it as timer for control a load, LEDs,driver relay. Which trigger them using a normal switch.

Mosquito repellent circuit project—The mosquito repellent circuit to generates small sound frequency using transistors as bistable multivibrator. It is economical, safer than using chemicals.

0-60V Dual Variable power supply circuit using LM317&LM337—This is a 0-60V, Dual Variable power supply circuit using LM317 and LM337 at 1.5A current so can builds to easy with PCB layout, adjustable voltage VR1,VR2

1.5V to 5V boost converter circuit for micro computer—Small appliances have microcomputer that requires 5V power supply. Why it can use only 1.5V battery? The 1.5V to 5V boost converter circuit inside them.

Simple dynamic and electret condenser microphone preamp circuit—This is a Simple dynamic and electret condenser microphone preamp circuit. So it is suitable for using the small power amplifier inside our home.

Variable power supply 0-30V 1A using transistors—Simple Variable power supply 0-30V 1A project. Use transistor boost current up to 1A. Adjust voltage out of 0-30V. No ICs. No Zener diode. But it is steady.

Simple Light Activated Relay Circuit—If you are looking for circuit that turns on relay when light comes. It is a simple light activated relay circuit. It will control load on-off with light.

On-off SCR control circuit with logic gate IC—This is On-off SCR control circuit with logic gate IC. SCR will turn ON when input A gets bias current. But SCR will turn off if its input B gets current.

Current Transformer AC Load LED Indicator circuit—This is a simple current transformer AC load LED Indicator circuit. The LED will show AC current of load, that use the transformer and LED as based.

Class A headphone amplifier circuit using TL072 low noise—We will use Class A headphone amplifier circuit that is very good quality sound. Consists low noise Op Amp ICs and 2 transistor as main so have very cheap

L4970 Adjustable switching voltage regulator, 0-25V 10A—The L4970 Adjustable switching voltage regulator circuit, can adjust output voltage of 0V to 25V at 10A current. Use single IC, switching regulator so easy.

Simple transformerless power supply circuit—I collect these transformerless power supply circuit, use a capacitor instead, it smaller and lighter than transformer. There are circuits as follows.

Simple AC mains voltage indicator circuit with LED—We have many ways to indicates an AC line. A good way, the AC mains voltage indicator circuit with a LED. It may be the best choice. It saves and to be easy.

5 volts DC Regulator without Transformer Using MOSFET—If you are looking for 5-volts DC regulator without transformer. This circuit may help you. It is suitable for low current digital. Use the MOSFET is based.

Four Small 5-volts DC Regulator Circuits—This Small 5-volts DC Regulator. without IC-7805. Using transistors are interesting. If you have an old transistor or want to save. It may be a good choice.

Simple automatic sound control circuit diagram—See in simple automatic sound control circuit diagram. It will control the amplitude of input signle into a stable level.

Simple Time Delay Relay for Surge protection using CD4011—This time delay relay circuit can be used to time delay for the load, To be connected to the relay output to run after a specified time. using IC-4011 main.

Simple audio signal overload protection circuit—The simple audio signal overload protection circuit. Why use it? it will protect input of power amplifier away high amplitude, more than1Vrms. Easy circuit!

Temperature detector circuit with buzzer alarm—You should build the simple temperature detector circuit diagram with a buzzer alarm. It can check a changing of temperature. It is so real easy project.

Simple Differential temperature controller circuit diagram—You should build Simple Differential temperature controller circuit diagram. It will turn on the relay switch, when both temperature sensor is different.

Simple temperature sensor diode 1N4148—Here is temperature sensor diode 1N4148 silicon type and 741- op amp, so easy. The Output to voltmeter. You will learn why diode becomes temperature sensor.

Simple 555 Alarm sound circuit diagram—This is Simple 555 Alarm sound circuit, for beginner as buzzer sound. IC1 is pulse generator, to transistor PNP for boost current to speakers.

Simple Peak Level Indicator circuit using LM723—Learn about Simple Peak Level Indicator circuit using LM723. It can detect a peak of an audio signal in fluctuating current, on LED display, easy to use.

Simple 2 Lamp flasher circuit using MOSFET—I like a Simple 2 Lamp flasher circuit using MOSFET. Also, it is Astable Multivibrator. When you want a high power lamp flasher. This is a better choice for you. Why?

FM wireless microphone circuit diagram—This is simple FM Wireless Microphone circuit diagram. We can use it to send all sound to the FM receiver. In this circuit has RF amplifier. SEE!

High Power Pulse Generator using LM350T and NE555—Here is simple high power pulse generator circuit, you may like it. Main component is IC-555, oscillator. And LM350T provides high current up to 3A max.

Changing ammeter scale 1mA to 100uA—Here is the changing ammeter scale 1mA to 100uA. If you want to measure a high current on low full scale meter. How do you do? In simple way you can do.

Simple Continuity Tester circuit using IC-4011—Here is a Simple Continuity Tester circuit using IC-4011. If you are looking for a simple project for kids to learn oscillator on digital.

Simplest On-Off battery indicator using two LEDs—If you want to teach kids to learn simple LED circuit. This is one of good circuit. It is the Simplest On-Off battery indicator using two LEDs.

Surge protection circuit for power supplies—The surge protection circuit important! Sometimes, our electrical appliances may damage easily by little high voltage surges. We can protect this problem.

Simple Time Delay Relay for Surge protection—This time delay relay circuit can be used to time delay for the load, To be connected to the relay output to run after a specified time. using IC-4011 main.

Simple megaphone circuit using LM380—See! Simple Megaphone circuit, lightweight portable size, 5-watt output. It will boost up your voic to higher. Uses mini power amplifier IC and speaker.

Simple train whistle circuit using NE556—This is a simple train whistle circuit. We have many ways to generate a two-tone sound circuit. I love to collect a basic or small circuit.

  1. Inverter 12V to 220V 100W by Transistor
  2.  Regulator 0-30V 1A By Transistor (C1061)
  3.  Regulator 5V,6V,9V,12V 1A By IC 7805,7806,7809,7812
  4.  Simple DC Regulator By Transistor C1061
  5. Treble Booster circuit using IC-741
  6. Power Amplifier BCL 35W by TDA2030
  7. Light Relay Switch By BC547 & BC337
  8. Simple power supply regulator 12V 15V 30V by Zener diode
  9. The 60hz calibration frequency standards for digital clock by MM5369
  10. Small stereo amplifier project for computer
  11. Super Flashing Light by C1061
  12. Simple transistor tester circuits
  13. Audio Amplifier(with PCB)
  14. Dual DC Regulator 15V using C1061 and A761
  15. Blown Fuse indicator LED Display
  16. The simple LED Flasher by IC 4011
  17. 12V to 220V Inverter 180W by 2N3055
  18. LM317 Linear power supply Regulator selector 1.5V,3V,4.5V,5V,6V,9V 1.5A
  19. 1200 Watt AC Dimmer by Triac Q4006LT
  20. The multi-purpose Amplifier using TDA2030
  21. Dual Variable Regulator power supply 5-25V by LM7805,LM7905
  22. High volt shock by transistor 2SC458
  23.  1khz bandpass filter by ic lm324
  24. Police sirens sound with ic 555
  25. Audio loudness control
  26. LED VU meter circuit by transistor
  27.  LM386 audio amplifier circuit with PCB
  28. IC amplifier stereo 10W +10W with ic TDA2009
  29. Lie detector circuit
  30.  Simple Signal injector by transistor
  31. The variable high voltage power supply 0-300V
  32. The OTL amplifier listen comfortably by TDA2030 and TIP41+TIP42
  33. Battery Status Monitor by ICM7555
  34. The many DC to DC converters using IC-555
  35. Cheap emergency lights using D313
  36. Crystal tester circuits using BC107
  37. Cheap alcohol tester circuit
  38. TDA2822 stereo amplifier circuit with pcb
  39. 1 minute to 4 hour Alarm Clock Timer using CD4060
  40.  Simple-mosquito repellent circuit
  41. 20 LED cheap electronic VU-meter using transistor
  42. 5-30 minuts timer alarm circuit using IC555
  43.  Mouse and insects repellent circuit using IC556
  44. Electronic VU meter by LM3914 and LM3915
  45. Simple Moisture Meter by 2N2222
  46. 10 LED flasher using multivibrator transistor
  47. European police siren circuit
  48.  TV test pattern generator with wireless model
  49. Simple metal detector circuits
  50. The sound effect generator using CD4040 CMOS
  51. Two tone door buzzer using transistors
  52. Daylight sensor switch circuit.
  53. 5-volts DC regulator for portable MP3 player on motorbike
  54. 30W-simple inverter using 6 transistors.
  55.  Adjustable dc voltage regulator circuit using ic-7805
  56. 7805 Current constant for battery charger
  57. 0-50V 3A Variable DC power supply
  58. Power supply regulator +15V -15V 1A by IC 7815 & 7915
  59. LED Chaser by IC 4017 + IC 555
  60. Automatic led night light switch
  61.  Three led flasher by 3 transistor astable multivibrator
  62. New my Smoke Absorber and helper
  63. 12V battery to 5V 1500mA DC converter regulator
  64. Boost converter 5V to 12V
  65. DIY simple 12v led light
  66. Simple 1.2V AA battery Solar charger circuit

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