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Coin toss electronics using IC NE555-CD4017

This is a review of electronic sound or a violent coin toss. With electronic circuits. This circuit uses integrated digital IC NE555 and CD4017 with LED display easily. Principle of the circuit, when voltage is 5 volts to the circuit C1 will charge through the VR1 and R1 fully. IC1, R2, R3 and C2 to the astable multivibrator circuit.Rectangular waveform generator (Square Wave) sent out to pin 3 of IC1, through the trigger. (Which uses the T-on of the wave is a signal of the trigger), the pin 14 of IC2.

Coin toss electronics using IC NE555-CD4017

This is the pin input, causing the output to come out to pins 3, the LED1 light LED2 goes out. When the signal came. The trigger pin 14 more to have come out to the output pin 2, the light LED1 LED2 off. The switch will stick together and when a trigger signal to the pin 14 again, to start new But because the astable multivibrator circuit acts rectangular waveform generator (Square Wave) with high frequency, it seems that the LED1 and LED2 is illuminated at all times. When the switch S1 open circuit (Open Circuit) to C1 discharged out through R1, VR1, VR2, R2, R3 and C1 and C2 discharge completely.

Make a circuit Stable multi-stop sensitivity Brett Foster rectangular signal generator (Square Wave), so we know that the LED lamps which display

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