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LED Chaser Circuit

If you would like to learn basic digital, but it is difficult and boring. Let’s try to create a LED chaser circuit. It used in computer games and in many scientific and mathematics applications so is best for beginner or for kids learn digital, also my son love them.

The LED will glow one by one per a period and it will cycle repeats as running light. In circuit uses IC-555 as oscillator pulse generator and IC-4017 to drive LEDs. Parts used in this circuit are easily available in most of the local markets.

LED Chaser circuit using IC-4017 + IC-555

If you want to build a 10 LED Chaser circuit we recommend this circuit first.

The working principle
LED Chaser circuit using IC-4017,IC-555

In the circuit above, IC555-IC1 is popular timer IC as the Astable Multivibrator or free-running pulse generator, which the output pulse frequency at pin 3 of IC1 is determined by R1,R2-1.5K, VR1-100K and a capacitor C1-1uF.

The decade counter CD4017-IC2 act as LED driver in 10 output, by LED will glow only one in a rapid sequence. Then, IC2 get pulses to the input pin 14. Next, The 10 outputs Q0 to Q9 become active, one at a time, on the rising edge of the waveform from IC555, to drive the LEDs. The reset pin 15 to the counting.

When one LED turns off, the second on turns on. This cycle LEDs repeats like loop the running light. We can Adjust the speed of LED chaser or the pulse rate by rotating the 100K-VR1 trimer’s knob.

Parts you will need
IC-CD4017___Decade Counter Divider with 10 Decoded = 1 pcs.
IC-NE555____ Timer IC = 1 pcs.
C1-1uF 16V____Electrolytic capacitors = 1 pcs.
C2-10uF 16V____Electrolytic capacitors = 1 pcs.
R1,R2-1.5K______Resistors___1/4 W 5% = 1 pcs.
VR_100K__trimer-potentiometer = 1 pcs.
LED____as you need = 10 pcs.

My son experimented with this circuit on a bread board. This circuit is working in below

7 LED light sequencer circuit with adjust speed

The LED light sequencer circuit, generally can not adjust the speed of running. Cause dull monotony. Resulting in an idea to build this circuit up. This circuit can adjust the speed of the led light as needed. Makes this circuit can be used more versatile.

Operation of the circuit have two section: frequency generators and the display. Which the frequency generator IC1 contains a number Ic timer circuit 555 and frequency generator. Defined by the R1, VR1 and C1 will be the output signal at pin 3 of IC1 sent to display section.

LED light sequencer circuits
LED light sequencer circuits

In display section consists of IC2, a number CD4017-IC Counter circuit display the volt at pin 3, 2, 4, 7, 10, 1 and 5, respectively each pin. The speed depends on the frequency count obtained from pin 14 of IC2, which we can adjust VR1 to set the frequency from the frequency generator.


My son play this circuit enjoy!

Next let’s to build great project below with PCB…

The Circle LED chaser circuit project

Circle LED chaser circuit

We recommend these circuit below you may like it

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  1. #7 Led light running adjust speed

    Sir i want clean figer and explainnation of all parts… And also i want to know how to run several led bulb by direct current… Plz tell me circuit

  2. #7 Led light running adjust speed

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  3. #7 Led light running adjust speed

    Pin 13 of the 4017 needs to go to ground although the picture shows it as pin 3 ( needs editing)

  4. Thanks all,
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  5. use it
    component not easily available

  6. Hi,gokul
    This circuit worked but you check again.

  7. Sir this one not operating.first led only glowing seqance not happened

  8. #7 Led light running adjust speed

    In answer to Alex Prasanth’s problem:
    Thanks to the Admin for such a great LED project.
    Alex, I’ve been able to run the circuit perfectly with 10 LEDs, but with a few minor modifications. 1. The decade counter (4017) would not move if you don’t have pins 13(enable) & 15(reset)grounded. So check that.
    2. I removed R2(220 Ohms).
    3. I am using C1 = 1uF

  9. #7 Led light running adjust speed

    Its nt working..!! All the LEDs are glowing..!!
    Plz help..!!

  10. Superb!!!
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    Its Working

  11. nice wrking SIR

  12. Can I have formula to calculate the pulse width/pulse frequency in this circuit??

    It’s extremely urgent??
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  13. #7 Led light running adjust speed

    I’dont kow speed control please sir my email address

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  15. hi friend i tried this but only one led just glowing and it is not producing chasing effect..the 1st diagram(computerised one) and the working principle diagrams are diferent with the resistor valus please mail me how to do it please..thankq

  16. i study electronic in my university. i interest to build the circuits. but i want to know the concept of the components.

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    @Pyae Phyoe Thwe Htoo

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  18. good job buddy!!!!

  19. Hello Sir,
    i Am new in electronics. can u please help in making the led chaser with around 200 LED’s. Can you please send me the details of how to make 200 LED chaser with circuit diagram with its parts details.

    Thanking You
    Vaibhav Vats

  20. can u please help in making the led chaser with around 200 LED’s. Can you please send me the details of how to make 200 LED chaser with circuit diagram with its parts details.

    Thanking You
    Bubai Das

  21. Can u clarify my doubt sir? where to see the output of “Traffic light controller using 555 and 4017 IC’s (Multisim software used)” sir.

  22. Hi! I have built the circle 10 led… it works fine but the slowest setting is still too fast than what i need.
    Question: can i replace the 10k vr1 with 50k or 100k to make it go slower? If not, what should i do?

    Thanks. 🙂

  23. Hi,vaibhav vats
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Now, I not have circuits as you need.
    I am sorry.

  24. Hi,Fayaz
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    Now,I not haveTraffic light controller.
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  25. Hi,alex morfe
    Thanks for your feedback.
    You can use the variable resistor 100k,50k.
    But it hard to adjustable frequency than 10k.
    However you can reduce capacitor C-10uf to 1uf

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    thanks very much for the quick reply. i’ll try that 🙂

    i have another question, but it is related to the dice circuit so i’ll just post it there.

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  27. can you please help me how to make a project with 10 led lights using an IC to control the lighting of the leds.. what best IC will be used in order for the led lights to have a pattern in their lighting?. Thank you very much. im hoping for your immediate response.

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    can you help me to make 100 LED’s Led chaser using decade. How to connect several IC,s in sequence. thanks

  29. Then we’re is the 12th leg connect in ic 4017

  30. Then where is the 12th leg connect in ic 4017

  31. Dear Arun, 12th pin is “carry out” which is not required in this circuit.

  32. hi sir i need to know how to lay out the ic pliz help i don’t know the forward or the backward in order to avoid reverse bias

  33. Hi Arun,
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Not need to connects 12 pin. This circuit also works.

  34. hai.can i know why the capacitors at the scematic circuit is not same from the list component at the value is 10 and another is 1,but at list is both is that is same or not actually.

  35. Hello , how about 50 leds ? Is it possible to series the led1 with 5 or more leds ? Pls reply , asap , I need your help , thanks

  36. #Simple 12 LED running using CD4017 and NE555

    Pls send me to the pcb layout of simple 12 led running

  37. may Allah add more knowledge to u add to us

  38. Dear Sir please tell me the circuit diagram for making string light of 20 led light with blinking

  39. Hi saiet dey, I have an idea to make string light of 20 leds with blinking.(you will need extra 1- CD4017 IC, 2- PNP TRANSISTORS(such as A733), 2- NPN TRANSISTORS(such as 2SC828), 2- 1K RESISTORS and 1- 560ohm RESISTOR to upgrade this circuit .)

  40. pcb

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  43. Hi kedaran santhakumar,
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  44. Great write up, very informative to new people like me.
    If the input source was 12V, would this circuit still work reliably?

  45. #7 Led light running adjust speed

    Types of running LED light ,i am compete project work

  46. Hello,

    Whoever made the original post:
    “As Figure 1 is LED chaser circuit whicn The CD4017 act as LED driver in 10 output, by LED will glow only one in a rapid sequence”
    needs to work on their English.

  47. thank you sir.
    we are doing this as our first project
    thqnk you for providing this information…….

  48. Good stuff!

  49. #7 Led light running adjust speed

    Sir,can i join 10 extra LEDs parallel to the existing 10 LEDs?

  50. Resp. Sir,
    This sis my first project. I am new in electronics. can you please send me the parts list and circuit diagram so that I can make this “Circuit LED Chaser by IC 4017 + IC 555” circuit. and tell me the step by step working on this circuit

    Thanks & Regards

  51. sir, pin no. 3 connected led only glowing when battery is connected.

    before the use of switching what is the problem. .

    pls reply. ……

  52. can we use HCF4017 in place of CD4017?

  53. Is we have to give input from frequency generator?

  54. #7 Led light running adjust speed

    Is it required to program by coding?

  55. I dont have 10uf 16 v capacitor can i use 10uf 63v capacitor plz reply soon its urgent

  56. Hi nitasha,
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Yes, you can use it replace IC-4017

  57. Hi hardik bari,
    Thanks for your question.
    Yes you can use any frequency generator that not high voltage over 12V.

  58. Hi kasim,
    Thanks for your question.
    Yes, you can use it. I hope you will enjoy this project.

  59. This circuit didn’t work. It could only lit up only one LED. Afraid to see that internet is full of untested science projects and self-proclaimed ‘scientists’. The blogger didn’t even bothered to respond to this question, which was already asked by few more readers!! Dead Zone!

  60. #7 Led light running adjust speed

    Sir, can you comment or email to me the whole list of parts you use. Thank You 🙂

  61. #7 Led light running adjust speed

    @Kamran Siddiqi sir, can you please Email or comment the whole list of parts used? Thank you. This my email address. [email protected]

  62. Hi, thank you for the post. I did the circuit and it worked. I even added more leds and it is fine. However, can I remove the central led red light? If I do, do I need to remove the 100uf capacitor as well? Thank you.

  63. #7 Led light running adjust speed
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  64. #Simple 12 LED running using CD4017 and NE555

    Cool it works, but I have a problem, some of the LED’s are very dim. I had to use a 2.2uF Capacitor instead of 3.3 because I didnt have it available, could this be the problem?

  65. project is all done but its not working in the as shown in the video!!!

  66. i had try it the led’s are glowing but not in sequence.
    plz guide us.led speen is not increasing and decreasing.

  67. #7 Led light running adjust speed

    One question, how can I change this circuit, ensuring that the LEDs remain lit when they light up.
    Thank you

  68. Sir,
    I need to make to circuit similar to led blinking, but instead of blinking the led I need to blink 60w bulbs with 220 volt input .What should I do? Can you help me out.

  69. Thank you for posting this LED Chaser. I made one of these years ago and powered it with a 9v battery. It was my first real project. Your web page brings back memories of that project. I mounted everything on a thin piece if wood. When the LEDs are in a straight line and chasing fairly quickly you can shake the lights back and forth. The resulting image is a sine wave. If you time the movement of the board just right the sine wave becomes stationary.

    1. Can I connect 200 LEDs on this circuit by 5 the circuit works reserve forward.please tell me.

  70. It is very good thank’s

  71. Sir in diagram 100 ohm resistor is also there but in requirements list it is not mentioned
    Kibdly clear the dought

  72. how to i change that sequence in reverse order plz tell that method in same circuit.

  73. very useful

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