Many electronics circuits and projects for learning in simple ways.

Simple 12 volt power supply circuit

Today, my son builds a simple 12 volt power supply circuit for a 12V solar pump. It is an Unregulated 2A Power supply because a load is DC motor only.
Note:More 12 volt Power Supply circuit

How to works
I teach son to understand the working principle of this projects. The main principle, we use this project to reduce the voltage from AC-line 220V to 12V DC.(12 volt filtered power supply)

On Figure 1 The AC 220V 50HZ is connected to the circuit through S1- ON-OFF switch and F1-fuse to protect this circuit. Then they flow through a 2A transformer to reduce voltage into 12V AC. Next, through both Diodes to rectifier AC to DC converter. Then, at a capacitor as the filter to DC voltage. The LED1 is power on display and R1 limit current for LED use.

schematic-diagram of Simple 12V 2A DC power supply

Figure 1 the simple 12V 2A Power supply circuit diagram

Parts you will needs
T1____12V CT 12V, 2A transformer
D1,D2____1N5402, 3A Diode
C1_______2,200uF 25V Electrolytic capacitor
R1_______1.2K 0.5W Resistors
LED1_____LEDs as you like
S1_______ON-OFF switches
F1_______Fuse 1A
Copper wires and nail 0.5inch, AC line power

How to make 12V dc power supply

This projects, my son build 12 volt filtered power supply with himself many steps. Begin of all, put the paper on a sheet of plywood and Hammer a nail into the parts joint.(Figure 2) He soldered all parts on nail head instead of the PCB.(Figure 3). All parts of AC line is high voltage I connect them instead of my son.

Hammer a nail into the parts joint
Figure 2 Hammer a nail into the parts joint

soldered all parts on nail head
Figure 3 soldered all parts on nail

When completed, He measure voltage at output is 17V No load (Figure 4)
measure voltage at output is 17V No load
Figure 4

Then, he try to apply the DC pump as load. As video below.

measure current of load
Then He measure current of load is about 0.9A as Figure 5

put it into the box
This project is applied at outdoor so he put it into the Plastic boxes to protect water as Figure 6

This project of homeschooling boy is fist Electronic times we have happy it works great.

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  1. I remember doing this as a kid. My dad had some wood and some brass tacks. I was curious to what commonly available metals I could get solder to “stick” to. I found out brass tacks took solder easily, so I built a siren with a schematic I found using those brass tacks and wood.

    1. Hello James,
      Thanks for your feedback.
      Your experience makes me smile and feel very warm.
      The Electronics is not obsolete. It is a fun activity for the family.
      Unfortunately, now. My son does not like electronics.
      But I will prepare the content and learn for him.
      I have believed that he will come back to love electronics again.

      Have a good day.

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