IC 4017/CD4017 Datasheet | Pinout | 15 example circuits

When we build the 10 LEDs running light for a hobby. Often use IC 4017 CMOS-IC.

This really neat chip contains a counter and a decoder circuit.

That can show a single output pin for each count from 0 to 9.

Do not just look at it.

You should learn by doing many circuits using 4017.


CD4017 CMOS-Decade counter/divider

And also use to build all kinds of the timer, LED sequencers and controllers circuits.

Look at the Figure below is a block diagram of inside IC 4017.

The IC 4017 counts with 5 D-type flip-flops.

Decoding and control are by 16 inverters and 15 gates.

Figure 1 block diagram inside CD4017 Pinout

The importance Pins look at the table below.


LM4017 Pinout

See CD4017 pinout and function of each pin.

CD4017 pinout

1.) Pin 16 is a positive power supply and pin 8 is a ground.

The power supply range of 3 volts to 16 volts and Maximum power supply voltage at pin 1 must not much than 18 volts.

2.) Pin 13 has Clock enabled pins to controls the clock.
When it is “0” logic, the clock is enabled and the counter advances one count for each clock pulse.

When “1” logic, the clock input is stopped, and the counter does nothing even when a clock pulse arrives.

3.) Pin 14 is the clock triggers one count.

The clock pulse must be “clean”.

If they are “noisy” the counter may advance two or more times during each clock pulse.

4.) Pin 15 is the reset pin. Normally, it is “0”.

When made “1”, the counter is reset to “0”.

5.) Pins 1-7 and 9-11 are the decoded output pins.

The active count pin goes high and all others remain low.

6.) Pin 12 is Carry output, for the clock input of an additional counter or an external circuit that the count is complete.

For example, basic circuit using IC-4017

10 LED Flashing using IC-4017

10 LED flashing using CD4017

This the circuit diagram of light led flashing with a show of 10 LED. By using integrated number circuit CD4017 perform be Decade Counter/Divider with 10 Decoded Outputs. Which it is integrated digital circuit CMOS then use the power supply about 9VDC. For a signal input continue the circuit can produce general frequency may use IC NE555 all right.

LED Chaser circuit using 555 and 4017

LED Chaser circuits using IC 4017 + IC 555
If you would like to learn basic digital, but it is difficult and boring. Let’s try to create a LED chaser circuit. It used in computer games and in many scientific and mathematics applications so is best for a beginner or for kids to learn digital, also my son loves them. Continue Reading

Two way 12 LED running lights using 4017

Two way LED running lights to use for beautiful. Which they are one of 4017 project that uses 12 LED lamps, arranged in 2 rows, each row of 6 LEDs. A green one and a red one, alternatively. use a different color for this. Continue Reading

0-99 counter by IC 4017×2

When you want the counter circuit from 0 to arrive at 99. I think this circuit may on the same wave length you certainly. it uses an IC LM4017 decade counter/divider follow circuit picture. When feeding a signal clock at 14 pins cause the position logic at a pin output. From 0 to 99 for switch S1 perform choose RUN or Reset.


Please see circuit picture will understand increasingly. Almost forget integrated number this circuit, want the fire feeds 3V low arrive at 15V because be IC digital CMOS there.



10 Key Code Lock Switch Circuit

Key Code Lock Switch Circuit Using IC-4017
Simple Keycode lock switch circuit using IC-4017 digital uses 10 switch bottom to control output by Relay. No microcontroller is so easier and cheaper! Continue Reading

1 Hz Timebase circuit using IC-4017

1 Hz Timebase circuit using IC-4017
When we need a standard digital clock 1 Hz. but we have the input signal is square waveform 10 Hz so need to reduct it lower with digital frequency divider circuit 10 times
I suggest that IC 4017 (Decade Counter / Divider with 10 Decoded)


Bicycle distance meter circuit using 4N26,CD4017


Bicycle distance meter circuit using 4N26,CD4017
Measure the distance by use bicycle wheel as main tool and normal electronic circuits and so important parts are reed switch detect a magnetic force to CD4017 as Decade counter with 10 decoded outputs IC then connected to Optocoupler 4N26, and display to a frequency counter.


2 Coin toss Game circuits diagram

Coin toss electronics using IC NE555-CD4017
Press Switch-S1 you will see LED blink alternately. When release S1 LED will stop show Coin or Toss.


Automatic Day Indicator Circuit


The Automatically Day indicator circuit

This is Automatic day indicator circuit, by LED display each day one by one LED. Which use the principal of light-activated in a day with sun. To set an LDR-sensor and CD4017 acts as drive LED of 7 pcs for 7 days there.


Electronic dice circuit using CD4017

Electronic dice circuit using CD4017

Which looks like real dice. We use only the press switch being thrown. With 6 LED Display.


10 LED roulette circuits using TC4011-LM4017

The 10 LED roulette circuit using IC-4017 and IC-4011

They use the principles of digital ICs. Create an integrated LED flashing to the rhythm. And then stopped at one of the LED. Enjoy creating a game. And knowledge From digital ICs.


Love Test Game Circuit using 8 LEDs

Love Test Game Circuit using 8 LEDs


555 Sound effect generator circuit


Simple sound effect generator circuit using IC-555 and IC-4017

This circuit would be a good starting point to composed music for 1000 tracks.
We will use an IC-555 timer and IC-4017 Decade Counter Divider with 10 Decoded as sound effect generator with adjusting tone music with a tempo slow-fast as you want it to VR11. And VR1-VR10 to adjust the tone according to need more than 1000 tone.


LED Dancing light circuit with Music

Led light movement the audio signal with LM358- IC 4017

The main features are running light by changing the voice of the tiny microphone.

In the circuit, we use 4017 to drive 10 LED display. And, LM358 is preamplifier and signal converter. With a few general devices.

Besides 4017 on my website. You can also see more.

10 step LEDs charser using ic 4017 only without PCB board

Amazing 4017 IC led chaser

Which is better? Which circuit do you like to build?

Have fun with the IC-4017.

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I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

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Rich Man

For the 10 LED Flashing Circuit Using IC 4017, there are three connections at the bottom right of the schematic, from right to left numbered 8 and 13. The next one is not numbered. What pin is it connected to?

Hari Pravin

Pin 15.

Richard Lowery

The connections for the LED’s are shown to start at pin #0. My IC doesn’t have a ‘zero’ pin. The pins start with #1 at the upper left of the 4017, with the first pin being #1, then going down the side to pin #8, and continuing up the other side to pin #16. The connection I question is for D10 and is shown as connection 3. What is pin zero?

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