LM317 Regulators CALCULATOR

In the event of we need to build a variable DC power supply that output of 1A and can adjust up to about 30V.
Most people will use LM317 because high-efficiency, easy to apply and cheaper

It have an adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage regulator designed to supply more than 1.5 A of load current with an output voltage adjustable over a 1.2V to 37V range.
It has a internal current limiting, temperature detect shutdown, and safe area compensation.

pin to use lm317-to-220

Figure 1 pin to use LM317

-Output current in excess of 1.5A
-Output-Adjustable between 1.2V and 37V
-Internal Short-Circuit Current Limiting or Output is short-circuit protected
-Internal Thermal Overload Protection or Current limit constant with temperature
-Output-Transistor Safe Operating Area Compensation
-TO-220 Package like 2SC1061 transistors.
-There are 1% output voltage Durability
-There are max. 0.01%/V line regulation(LM317), and 0.3% load regulation (LM117)
-There are 80 dB ripple rejection
Figure 2 the basic circuit diagram

Basic circuit diagram
If power supply filter has distance from IC-regulator too much, should insert Ci to lower noise before IC-input. Next in figure circuit, Co is not needs if you do not high-efficiency, but we put it better, it is use for lower a output ripple.

As Iadj is controlled to less than 100uA, the little error Unimportant in most applications.

The input voltage to the LM317 must be at least 1.5v greater than the output voltage.

LM317 calculator

This calculator will work for most DC Voltage Regulators with a reference voltage (VREF) of 1.25. Typically, the program resistor (R1) is 240 ohms for the LM117, LM317, LM138 and LM150.

For example circuits :

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  4. Best DC power supply 3Amp to adjust 1.2V-20V & 3V-6V-9V-12V High current for all circuit easy to use.
  5. Dual power supply 3V,5V,6V,9V,12,15V with LM317,LM337There positve and negative voltage output for all circuit easy to use.
  7. USB Battery Replacement by LM317
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  10. Nicad Battery Charger by IC LM317T


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