LM2577 5V to 12V DC Converter step up Voltage Regulator

If you are looking a ICs for a DC to DC converter job. I highly recommend of IC-LM1577/LM2577 supply all of the power and control functions for
step-up (boost), flyback, and forward converter switching regulators.

LM2577 5V to 12V DC Converter step up Voltage Regulator

The output voltage typical : Wide input voltage 3.5Vdc to 40Vdc.
Component list
– 2.2k 1/4W resistor
– 0.1uF capacitor
– 0.33uF capacitor
– 680uF 50V electrolytic capacitor
– 1N5822 high speed schottky diode (3A)
– wire coil inductor, 100uH
– “for LM2577-adj IC” 20k multi-turn variable resistor, set to ratio to R2=2k, R1=18k for voltage output of 12Vdc before soldering
Part number:
– LM2577-12 (12Vdc output)
– LM2577-15 (15Vdc output)
– LM2577-ADJ (1.23Vdc to 37Vdc output)

Using a minimum number of external parts, these regulators are price reasonable good value., and made project easily.

Included on the chip is a 3 amp NPN switch and they have protection circuit, consisting of current and
thermal limiting, and undervoltage lockout.

Other detail within a 52 kHz stable-frequency oscillator that
no external components, a soft start mode to reduce running current during start-up, and current mode
control for rejection of input voltage and output load transients.

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Real good and helpful


troppo basso di corrente di uscita.
a serve ma con 3/4A di uscita


what if 1amp is need, input can be enhanced to 9v?


what if 9v,1amp out put is required?


Im confused about the inductor. Which inductor should i use? I know its the 100uH type but there are lots of variations of inductor.


Where I ccann find 20k multi-turn variable resistor,2k and 8k,
Is it the same like regular resistors?
I’m. New to this I wanna build that but I went to radioshack they didn’t have that or the LM2577


If you need more than 1amp up to 5amp, there are a simple module SMR8805 8809 8812 etc, its abput the same size as 78xx, high efficiency and cost only about $3 ready to use,


buenas tardes nesesito saver como bajar 24 dc A 12DC GRASIAS


Hy, I need to step-up from 3.7 (1LiPO cell) to around 11V to power up an LCD backlight from an old tablet pc and use it on other projects.
what parts need to be changed or I can use this circuit as it is?


If I would like to change the inductor 100uH for another of 220uH, what would happen? Is there any problem with the circuit?


Hi, Noel
Thanks for your feedback.
I’m sorry, this not tested by us.
But I think, …

Its frequency and current maybe changed.

If you tested then can see happen it, please share to us,
Thaks a lot.

prashant sawant

Hi… the output voltage is constant 12v dc or not because i need costant supply of 12 v and the current is in mA or nt for this circuit…pls rep..

prashant sawant

Hi… my input voltage is 20-22v dc this circuit can give me constant 12 v supply….



I am looking for a circuit to convert 5 VDC to 12 VDC @ 1.6 Amps. All the circuits I’ve found are under 1 amp output. Can you offer assistance?



May I use your circuitry for a school project?
Best Regards,


Hello. May I use your circuitry for a school project? Thank you in advance.


Do this ic LM2577 require constant input to give 12v? I mean can i connect this circuit to variable speed dc motor (acting as a generator here) and obtain12 v from it?


sir, can i varying the 12v dc?

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