Power Supply for Audio Amplifier , multiple output 12V, 15V, 35V

This is a Simple Power Supply for Audio Amplifier circuit. It is a simple fixed regulator. Which there are multiple output voltage of 12V, +15V,-15V,+35V,-35V and Dual up to 70V max.

They use principle working of Zener diode and IC-regulator as base for steady voltage output.

It is ideal for 50 Watts to 60 watts OCL power amplifier. This Circuit is Small and low cost and easy working. You may like it!

Amplifier Power Supply circuit,12V, 15V, 30V using Zener diode

Figure 1 : Power Supply for Audio Amplifier circuit  Dual voltage 12V 15V 30V

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The Working of Circuits

The simple power supply use base components are Zener diode, Resistors, and capacitors. It performs the equipment to maintain stable voltage or regulated.

They consists of step-down transformer T1, rectifier bridge (D1,D2,D3,D4)  and a filtering regulator circuit made up of C1,C2,C3,C4,C4,C5,R1,R2,R3,ZD1, and ZD2.

When AC-line is applied to the transformer T1 changes 220VAC to about 48VAC in center tap(CT).

Then, the rectifier bridge rectifies the AC  into pulsating DC. Next, the DC current is filtered by C1, C2.

Which both capacitors acts as a storage capacitor or filter to smooth DC.

Now voltage at this point is +35V,-35V(for main power amplifier)

Then, the DC unregulated flow to R1, R2 to ZD1, ZD2. They provide a reference voltage at the output can have voltage get +15V, -15V (for pre-amplifier circuit).

And some current flow to R3 reduce the voltage to 12V for pre-mic circuit

Note: You can see a lot of circuits about simple 12v power supply circuit

Parts you will need

  1. T1_24V CT, 3A Transformer; Quantity = 1
  2. ZD1,ZD2_15V 1W Zener Diode; Quantity = 2
  3. C1,C2__4,700uF 50V Electrolytic Capacitors; Quantity = 2
  4. C1,C2__2,200uF 35V Electrolytic Capacitors; Quantity = 2
  5. C1,C2__2,200uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitors; Quantity = 2
  6. R1,R2__470 ohms 1/2W Resistors tolerance: 5% ; Quantity = 2
  7. R3__10 ohms 1W Resistors tolerance: 5%; Quantity = 1

38V and 15V Preamplifier Power Supply circuit

What is more? Sometimes you use a great preamplifier circuit. It requires a stable regulated power supply. Just only Zener diose is not enough.

How to do? Look at:

38V and 15V Dual Power supply circuit

We use the 7815 and 7915 Regulator ICs. Both ICs are nice parts.
Note: Watts of R8 through R11 are 1 watts to 2 watts.

Parts you will need

  • IC1: LM7815, 15V 1A Positive Regulator
  • IC2: LM7915, 15V 1A Negative Regulator
    Electrolytic Capacitors
  • C10,C11: 4,700uF 63V
  • C12,C13: 47uF 63V
  • C14,C15: 100uF 63V
    Resistors tolerance: 5%
  • R8,R12: 330 ohms 1-2W
  • BD1: 6A 400V Bridge Diode
  • T1: 24V CT, 3A Transformer
  • C2: 0.01uF 400V Ceramic Capacitor
  • S1: ON-OFF Power switch

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Amplifier power supply using High Current Transformer

This is an amplifier power supply circuit. We have a good idea to solve there is not enough the electric current.

This circuit connected a much high power transformer with a parallel circuit. So cause we have the output current higher than normal power supply circuit.

The Working of Circuit

The transformer has many coils. We can bring to do a high Current power supply circuit well. By if all coil has Voltage be equal.

It is can bring parallel can follow this circuit is coil lead that has Voltage 24V and has Current about 1A comes to parallel prevent all 2 the group.

See: Many 24V Power supply circuits

It has current altogether each 2A groups by having voltage at 24V be the same.

This circuit then can become Dual power supply at 34V positive and -34V Negative and Ground. This circuit uses to are amplifier power supply get good. Suppose will give the electric power about 50watt.

For the diode use 3A 100V sizes. And use the Stancor (a type of inductor) filter noise signal the all well. This circuit may help to give testimony have the idea in applying work other.

Amplifier power supply using High Current Transformer

Figure 1: Amplifier power supply using High Current Transformer

Other Circuits

Not only that. See more about amplifier power supply circuits below:

Preamplifier Power supplies

15V Dual power supply circuit diagram using 7815-7915

Dual 15V Power Supply Schematic With PCB, +15V -15V 1A For Pre Amplifier circuits. We use transistors, Zener Diodes, And IC-7815, 7915. Easy to builds with PCB layout.

24V Dual Power Supply Circuit

For 30 watts to 35 watts OCL power amplifier circuit. You can use this circuit below.

24V Dual Power Supply Circuit

31 Dual Power Supply Circuit

LM3875 Amplifier Power Supply Circuit

For OCL Amplfier in 55 watts power. Read more

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