Full wave rectifier with an op amp IC

This circuit acts rectifier the ACV signal.This circuit usually requires two op-amp, but this circuit uses only one op-amp.


The work is easy when a positive input into, The D1, D2 will does not work. The output is equal to R2 / (R2 + R3).When V1 is the input signal and R2 = R3 = R, we will have the output signal V0 = 1 / 2 V1.
Later, when the negative output signal into. The D2 to conduct, but D1 does not work. When this circuit is the inverting circuit, output has values V0 = R2/R1 V1, where R1 = 2R, and R2 = R, so V0 = 0.5 V1.
This piece was positive, but the same direction, so the output out.

Full wave rectifier with an op amp IC

Precision half wave rectifier using op-amp

This circuit provides for right half wave rectification of the input signal.
The op-amp IC no-NE5535 is Dual High Slew Rate Op-Amp, it is used for main of this circuit.
The input signal have two-phase supply are Fist, positive signals is the gain is 0; And second, negative signals is the gain is – 1.
By reverted both diodes no-1N4148, the polarity can be inverted. All resistor values are in ohms.
This circuit supply an accurate output signal, but the output impedance differs for the two input polarities and buffering be needed.
The output must slew through two diode drop when the input polarity reverses.
The NE5535 device will work up to 10kHz with less than 5% distortion.

Precision half wave rectifier using op-amp

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The circuits shown would be more complete by showing the voltage connections
to the actual op amp ie Pin 8 and Pin 4 , or at least mention why they are not shown
As provided the schematic is presently incomplete.

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