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24V 2A power supply circuit

We need to use a 24V 2A power supply circuit for a 30w power amplifier. In the circuit is a fixed DC regulator circuit. Thus, your amplifier has very quality sound more. When the load-use many currents.

The output voltage still voltage of 24V, and low ripple. So low noise on the speaker of your amplifier.

Of cause, we can use this circuit for any circuit and can change voltage output as you need. And this circuit has a few parts and easy to buy in most of the local markets.

The circuit working

24V 2A power supply circuit

24V 2A power supply circuit Diagram

First of all, we see on the 24 volts regulated power supply circuit diagram. It includes 2 main parts.

1. Unregulated DC power supply.
– step-down transformer-T1
– full-wave rectifier bridge (D1 through D4)
– filtering capacitor C1.

2. The regulated circuit made up of R1, ZD1, ZD2, C2, and Q1.

Second, we come to see the working of the circuit. When we feed the AC-voltage to the power cord, transformer T1 changes 230VAC(PRI) to about 24VAC(Sec).

Then, the rectifier bridge, D1 through D4, rectifies the AC into pulsating DC.

Next, A big electrolytic capacitor-C1 filter the pulsating DC to smooth DC voltage about of 36V. But this is not complete. Because of It is not DC regulated voltage of 24V at 2A.

After that, the DC voltage flow through the R1 to Zener Diodes (ZD1, ZD2) to keeps the voltage constant at 25V.

This voltage across the base of Darlington transistor Q1 to bias it working full current more than of 2A.

The capacitors C2, C3, C4 acts as a storage capacitor to reduce the noise of output. This makes constant voltage across the output of 24V.

The LED1 show power on of circuit, which the R3 is its limiting current resistor.

Parts you will need
Q1 = TIP122 or simillar, 45V 4A NPN Transistor, Quantity: 1
D1-D4 = 1N5407___1000V 3A Rectifier Diodes, Quantity: 4
ZD1 = 12V 1W___ Zener Diodes, Quantity: 1
ZD2 = 13V 1W___ Zener Diodes, Quantity: 1
R1 = 1K, 0.5W Resistors tolerance: 5%, Quantity: 1
R2 = 2.2K, 0.5W Resistors tolerance: 5%, Quantity: 1
C1 = 4700µF 63V,Electrolytic Capacitors, Quantity: 1
C2 = 220µF 50V,Electrolytic Capacitors, Quantity: 1
C2,C4 = 220µF 50V,Electrolytic Capacitors, Quantity: 2
C3 = 0.1µF 50V, Ceramic Capacitors, Quantity: 1
LED1 = Red LED, 5 mm, Quantity: 1
T1 = 230V AC primary to 24V,3A secondary transformer, Quantity: 1

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