3 High Volts power supply circuits ideas

This post I am going to show you 3 high volt generator circuits.

These Circuits Can Produce High Voltage. Thus they may kill you!

Efficient Flyback Driver High Volts circuit using IC555

This is an Efficient flyback driver circuit, a good and fairly efficient flyback driver circuit.

All parts can be obtained easily from Radio Shack, including the MOSFET.

This circuit uses a 555 timer IC to pulse. Then, a 2N2222 gets a square wave at a frequency. That is set with the capacitor and the potentiometers.

Efficient flyback driver circuit by IC 555 + IRF510

The 2N2222 then drives the gate of the MOSFET. And the MOSFET delivers the pulse to the ten turns winding on the flyback.

If you build this circuit. You need to adjust the potentiometers. Until you get the highest voltage output.

The circuit will run from +12VDC to +15VDC at about 3A.

The MOSFET must be heatsinked! This is important if you are going to run this for any decent amount of time. If the MOSFET still gets too hot or burns up you can place a 4 ohm (for a +12V supply) or a 5 ohm (for a +15V supply) between the source lead of the MOSFET and the primary on the flyback.

Make sure that these resistors havethe proper power rating for the voltage and current that they will be carrying. The flyback should be wound with ten turns of 14-16 guage solid wire. Anchor it in with some electrical tape. Any previous primary windind should have already been removed before winding the new one.

Simple High Voltage 120VAC to DC-900V

Today we come to see the simple high voltage Generator circuit ideas, that it can converter the  AC line 110V or 120V to DC900-volts. In circuit  use 8 x voltage input. When see this circuit also we use technique Diode and Capacitors.


Each other model conventional. Make voltage tall can go up , for this my circuit thinks. May give current get not tall , about 50mA. But usability should be careful specially. Because of it is high voltage. The detail adds friends , please read in the circuit. Request have the amusement with High voltage spill equal DC 900V output.

High voltage spill equal DC 900V

High Voltage power supply 3000V

This is high voltage power supply 3000V DC. The diode 4pcs.(D2-D5) in this circuit is model at have pressure electricity size turns back topmost (PIV) 1000V 8-8.25A. The resistor and capacitor the connection straddles to mourn one by that one has 470K 1W sizes and 0.01uF 1000V model ceramic respectively. The capasistor C2-C11 be supposed to the value about 500uF and 450V durable pressure electricity minimum rates (the direct current) K1 be Relay 24V ( the direct current). At dare to touch 25A T1 sizes are a pot transforms the sky that has the coil secondary 2200V(rms) 500mA durable electric current minimum rates. Because of this circuit gives electricity tall many pressure then should use the carefulness specially and inappropriate for a novice.

High Voltage power supply 3000V

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