Dual 15V Power Supply Schematic With PCB, +15V -15V 1A

This is 15v dual power supply for preamplifiers. When I builds the circuit Pre tone control by IC LF353 the finished , but can not be usable. Because of it wants a power supply +15V GND -15V at 500mA current. I pairs then builds the group three dual 15v power supply schematic with PCB  +15V,GND,-15V.

Dual 15V Power supply Schematic  at 1A  using IC 7815 & IC 7915

How this Circuit Works

The transformer should have a primary rating of 240/220 volts for europe, or 120 volts for North America. The centre tapped secondary coil should be rated about 15V..18 volts at 1 Amperes or higher.

This 15V Dual output power supply is powered by a transformer from 220VAC  on the primary, and then providing  about 15VAC + 15VAC  on the secondary. Next  four 1A diodes with a 100PIV rating are used in a full-wave bridge rectifier.  And then the electrical current flow to  both C1,C2 – 2,200 uF/35V capacitor completes the filtering, providing 21VDC+21VDC. C3,C4 0.22uF capacitor is used to filter noise signal in DCV.

An application for this type of circuit would be for a small regulated bench power supply.
Then we use pillar equipment DC Voltage Regulator  be LM7815 , for +15V and  LM7915 for -15V. Which IC the bilateral can give current get about 1A.  For more Capacitors C5,C6,C7,C8 are used to smooth DC output.
Other detail both of the circuit and model PCB you can see to follow a image.


Circuit diagram of +15V/-15V,1A Regulator Power Supply using LM7815-LM7915

Fig 1:  Dual 15V DC power supply using LM7815-LM7915

The components list

IC1___LM7815___Positive Regulator IC
IC2___LM7915___Negative Regulator IC
D1-D4__1N4001__1A 50V Silicon Diode
C1,C2____2,200uF 35V___Electrolytic capacitors
C3,C4,C7,C8____0.1uF 50V-0.22uF 50V Ceramic capacitors
C5,C6____100uF 25V___Electrolytic capacitors
T1___Transformer 15V CT 15V or 18V CT 18V 0.5A to 1A

How to builds this circuit

This circuit is easy so can assemble on perforated board or Universal PCB board. as Figure 2

Dual Power supply regulator +15V -15V 1A by IC 7815 & 7915

and can see video testing circuit.

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