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12V Dual Power Supply using 7812, 7912

This is 12V dual power supply circuit using 7812 and 7912. We use IC-LM7812for +12V and IC LM7912 for -12V. This is circuit suitable for a preamplifier play nice Music. Detail See in circuit.

I plan to show you, with an interesting concept. When I made pre-amplifier circuit is small. I did not plan on the power supply. It requires low supply current is only 100mA. But the need for dual voltage. Or 3 line is +12 V,-12V and Ground.(Using 12 volt dual power supply circuit)

At that time, I have not the least knowledge and a few pieces of equipment. The regulator ICs I use IC7812 and IC7912 (hard to bought). I make this circuit. It works great.

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+12V,-12V Regulator Power supply using LM7812,LM7912

12V dual power supply circuit

Notice point
In the circuit, I use diodes D1, D2, only both because I’d forgotten to add, and this is a low current, using a half-wave diode rectifier enough. and The transformer is 300mA -15V CT 15V that cheap than other sizes.

  • IC1-IC2 do not need to hold the heat sinks because of the very low currents
  • LED1 is an indicator of Power ON that R1 is the current limiter of LED1.
  • C1, C2, C3, C4 are the first filter that time I have them many so place various 2200uF.

How to built.
This project I put them on the perforated board, it easy to use, and so cheap. But at the time I put wrong pin capacitor when entering the power supply, causing it to burst. I was shocked very much. But I do not Discontinue this project.

All my experience, when I was young. About building electronic circuits.
Thank you for reading the poor English story.

Also the 12V dual power supply circuit

We can adjust voltage at 12V.

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  1. Appreciable!!!
    But u dint explained the design nicely…How u have calucalated the value for capacitor?? And working of circuit also..??

  2. Dear Team,
    I have 2V/500Ah cells (24nos) in a place for running a equipment and for auto generation of DG I am keeping 12V/120A battery, I want to avoid this DG battery (12v/120Ah) need circuit for this.

  3. dear sir

    one project develop my self is 3.2 volt series led light ( power led used). 29 nos.
    and transformer less power supply for 225 k/4oo polyester capacitor circuit developed.
    but led is does not continuous working.
    its only 480 hrs. runing and led circuit problem
    so please suggest to me. any idia for circuit


  4. hello sir, can you make a powerbank to smart phone with rechargeble powerbank.. please tell me…

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