How to make 1.5V to 220V inverter circuit

use Mini high voltage generator at my friend wants. Because of using the transistor 2 pcs only just,build small-sized easy good. By this circuit gives pulse Generator 220V from 9V batteries and Give pulse voltage tall arrive at 170V from the 1 dry piece cell(Batt 1.5V)

1.5V to 220V AC inverter circuit

We should do circuit this experiment with neon lamp lead builds serial change Resister 1M at output of T1. Which choose model 220V: 6.3V small-sized about 0.25A. Friends of I tell this circuit has applied to is the electricity or prevent a steal. But should be careful especially, because be high-class voltage very tall

These circuits may have useful for you get ideas make very well projects.
Small High Volts shock
AC high voltage power supply
High Voltage Generators

Make inverter circuit diagram within 5 minutes »

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Cedric Agie

High Voltage mini power supply by 2N2222

Are you sure the indications of that transformer are correct?


Of course the transformer is a 220/6V transformer, but the 6Volts side is connected to the circuit and the 220Volts side is the output. In fact any transformer would work… As long as their ration is different.

mawanda paul

how much amps can the 6v side hold of the transformer

Joseph Buganski

The schematic IS correct, the numbers of the transformer MIGHT say 6.3V:220V to appease some. Brilliant simplicity!

Atharva Kshatriya

in what way we should use the tranformer and whats the approximate cost of it?


I made this one. It works! but the current is very low. I gave it two 18650 so that’s 7.2 V totally and i could easily hold contacts going out of the transformer. but i’m just happy that it works

md saber ali

what is the replacement of 2n2907 ?


what is the volt of the capacitor ?

gari dizon

hello sir,
can you make a simple project diagram for a 9Volt DC battery to 220VAC inverter


Your Comment Here…Sir, what if i use 1+9v transisformer will i get normal ac vollt to 220v. sir pls reply back to me.


how much watts it can give please recommend transformer for 100 watts

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