HA13001 – 40 watts Audio Car Amplifier Circuit with PCB

From this 20watts Integrated Amplifier project. Some people said that expensive and want the main amplifier only.

I recommend the HA13001 Audio car amplifier circuit project. It has a budget of only 5$. And is the main amplifier only.

They have the power to a speaker is 40 watts. And use a 12V power supply.

So, we can apply in the car or our house. They use the HA13001 is key parts so small and build easily.

How This Circuit works

When seeing a circuit as Figure 1. Many people would doubt that. This circuit will be amplified up to 40 watts. It is peak to peak power.

40 watts Audio Car-amplifier using ha13001

Figure 1: HA13001 Car Audio Amplifier Circuit

But in RMS, it will is about 17.5 watts at load 4 ohms.

You do not insult it. It is enough for your room.

So what?

Have you ever use Motor or Other electrical appliances from the Hitachi factory?

They are great, right? this too.

Even it small but full option. The HA13001 includes a lot of circuits inside. So use a few external devices.

And connect a loudspeaker to the output of IC1 with the bridge circuit pattern. So causes the output has high power.

We do not fear that the speaker will be damaged easily. Because in IC1 has the Automatic Shut-Off circuit (ASO).

It will protect the speaker. Thus, you do not need to carefree.

And this circuit will use the DC power supply range between about 12-18 volts source.

How to builds this project

This simple project starting with make the PCB before. Which has the copper layout as Figure 2.

PCB of HA13001 audio car amplifiers
Figure 2 The PCB layout

Then, solder all components as Figure 3.

components layout for HA13001 CAR Amplifier
Figure 3 The components layout for PCB

We can solder directly the IC1 onto PCB. So we should take special care.

The trick: install IC1 on a big heatsink fist. Then, solder it, will well look and fit.

The power supply that can use a DC adapter. But must provide current over up 1 ampere.

12VDC Power supply circuit of 20 watts Integrated Amplifier by TDA2005

Otherwise, when you turn the too more volume. The sound will break or Distorted sound. And the Adapter will malfunction.

The application this projects

This amplifier project uses to amplify from various sound generators. Such as the iPad or mobile phone or notebook computer etc.

Or Modified into the old car stereo that repairs difficult. We changed the settings to this amplifier.

The detail parts

The electrolytic capacitors 16 volts
C1: 1uF
C4, C5, C7, C8: 100uF
C6: 47uF
C11: 2,200uF

The ceramic capacitors 50V
C2: 0.001uF
C3, C9, C10: 0.1uF

IC1_number: HA13001

¼ W + 5% Resistors
R1: 1K
R2, R3: 2.2 ohms
Speaker 20 W 4 ohms
Heat sink for IC1

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  1. Anyone can help me provide a amplifier circuit diagram for a 16watt 8ohms and 5watts 8ohms speaker,,please for someone who can provide with a complete details such as parts values ang voltage, i will give you a BIG THANK YOU!

  2. Hi, first congrats for this useful website. By the way I don’t get the meaning of this sentence:
    “The power supply that can use a DC adapter but must provide current over up 1 amperes. ”
    Do you mean “over 1 ampere” or “up to 1 ampere”? Thanks in advance


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