TDA1524 | Datasheet | Stereo-tone and Volume control circuit

This is a mini stereo tone control circuit using a single IC. It uses TDA1524A as the heart is working. It is the integrated circuit of Philip, so useful and cheap.

It is the full set of a tone control audio system. We can adjust the sound bass, treble, and balances. It is also a signal amplifier to increase a power go up to about 3 Vrms. It has the gain out of about 20 dB. And It has a low distortion at least about 0.014% at 1 kHz frequency.

Stereo tone control circuit using IC TDA1524A

Mini Stereo tone control circuit diagram

And an important, it is the circuit that builds not difficult and a little equipment. It is suitable for an education, indoor, or may apply to the outdoor PA system.

How this circuit works

To begin with, the power supply comes to the 3 pin of IC is the positive voltage, and a negative voltage to pin 8.

Then, this circuit has just only a few resistor and capacitor. It can make, this circuit filter out a lot of range of different frequency.

When we feed a signal of an audio source into the pin 15 of IC1, the INPUT. The signal flows through a coupling capacitor of each channel, left and right, C1 and C2.

Next, the system inside the IC will amplify signals up.

With C6 and C4 control the frequency for a Loudness function. Which we choose on-off this function with switch S1.

For the tone control part, it consists of C5, C3, VR1, VR2, VR3, and VR4.

  • The capacitors C5, C3 are frequency controller.
  • four potentiometer VR1 through VR4 adjusts the Volume, Balance, Bass, and Treble, respectively.

After the signal rises up and tuning frequency. It will come to the pin 8 and pin 11 of audio IC of each channel. Which will have R1 and R2 to decrease the signal appropriately.

Then, the signal flows through each channel coupling capacitor, C9 and C10, with R3 and R4 in series. They eliminate DC out of away to ground.

Next, dual capacitors the C11 and C12 will eliminate the high frequencies more than 70 kHz To ground,

Last, we will have a pure output that like crystal clear.


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  1. My humble opinion is that c11 and 12 are overkill and that HF will get damaged with such abig value; maybe a much smaller value will do the job.


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