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BA5406 amplifier Stereo 3W

If you want to use a small stereo audio amplifier. We think you must love this circuit. They use IC-amplifier number is BA5406 IC stereo audio amplifier of 3 watt + 3 watt.This circuit is small and easy to build. They so suitable for expanding the use of music in a private room. Or may be used in any trial.

BA5406 amplifier Stereo 3W

When raising the power supply 12 volts to this circuit. Then we enter the left and the right to access the input pin,to pin 5 and pin 8 of IC1-BA5406.

The audio signal pass to through the C1 and C2, are coupling signal,to prevent DC to interfere in the circuit. And then the amplifier IC1 is not a return phase.

The exit output Pin 2 and Pin 11, and the output signal out of each channel, left and right through C9 and C10. Add to block DC and low frequency stability.Then went out to the speakers.

The C7 and C8 are connected to pins 3 and pin 10 of IC, respectively.The pin 3 and pin 10 is pin Boot Strap will help to gain a better.The C5 and C6 are connected to pins 6 and Pin 7.A pin Filter, the C5 and C6 serve cut noise from the IC.

The components list
C1,C2___________1uF 50V_____Electrolytic capacitors
C3,C4___________3.3uF 50V___Electrolytic capacitors
C5,C6,C7,C8____ 47uF 25V____Electrolytic capacitors
C9,C10_________470uF 25V____Electrolytic capacitors
C11,C12________0.22uF 63V___Polyester capacitors
R1,R2___________100 ohms_____1/4W 5% Resistors
R3,R4___________2.2 ohms_____1/2W 5% Resistors

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  1. very interesting this circuit i just solve a problem by using diagrams

  2. can i ask for the copy of the circuit desin..i want to try this.

  3. Is this circuit is useful for low output of equalizer? And if then how much capacity (minimum) audio it amplifies for?

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