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LM383 Amplifier circuit, 5.5W, 7W and 16W bridge amplifier

This is 7 watts mono amplifier using LM383 circuit, will help expand the sound small. such as radio, sound out, including CD WALKMAN. To the more powerful sound.The amplifier circuit can be up to 7 watts. Enough to use a good listening room.And most importantly is a very simple circuit.

Small audio amplifier IC 7w using LM383

Operation of the circuit. be Input signal is coupling with the C1.Passed into the pin 1 of IC1 number LM383. Amplifier output from the pin 4.Through C3 increase in low frequency stability better, before leaving to the speaker. The R2 and R3 set the gain 100 times. Which is calculated from the (R3/R4) +1.The C2 functions help in frequency response.

LM383 Power Amplifier OTL 5.5W For Car
This is CAR Power Amplifier circuit,It is a simple circuit that good Idea for real beginner.
I uses IC number LM383 OTL Amp is main ‘s circuit, It has power output 5.5W min at speaker 4 OHM and Voltage supply 12V-14.4V.
It has body same the TDA2030 so should attach with heatsink, when it work will very heat, may be damage.

LM383 Power Amplifier OTL 5.5W For Car

LM383 Datasheet
It is LM383 Amplifier circuit as high power amplifiers suited for automotive application or many car systems. (14.4-volts supply) and use high current capability of 3.5-amps. It is current limited and thermally protected.

Connection diagram
Connection diagram

The Features
– High peak current capability (3.5-amps).
– Large output voltage swing.
– Wide supply voltage range (5V-20V).
– Typical Single Supply Voltage : 9V;12V;15V;18V
– Maximum operating temperature : 70C
– Use a few external parts required.
– Low total harmonic distortion noise at 0.2% at 2 ohms at 4 watts.
– Typical Out power X channels at Load : 11 watts at 1.6 ohms.

You can see circuits that uses them below:
Typical applications

16w bridge amplifier
16 watts bridge amplifier

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