Passive tone control circuit

These are the passive tone control circuit. You can adjust audio both bass and treble without increasing the signals at output.

We use only basic components R and C. They perform filter low or high frequency.

It is easy to build and cheap. We do not need to use any power supply. Next, its output can be increased more power with a power amplifier immediately.

Simplest tone control circuit

See in the circuit below. It is simplest tone control circuit. We can adjust bass and treble easily with rotate VR1 and VR2 to control the tone of music.

Simplest tone control circuit

Better quality passive tone control circuit

For bass-treble tone control that has better working. It is designed by Mr Grommes. Use more R and C devices. As shown in the general standard circuit in the figure below.

Bass-Treble tone control circuit by Grommes

The value of components in the circuit. They may be increased or decreased according to individual tastes who like the bass-treble of the music differently.

  • Capacitor C1 and C2 and resistor R2 affect the bass. If the C2 value is used more. For example from 0.068uF to 0.1uF. And reduce R2 down from 1.5K to 1K will increase the bass level.
  • Increasing or decreasing C3 and C4 will affect the treble signal more or less, respectively. As shown in the circuit figure below. Which is the same circuit But the level of the equipment is different.
Bass-Treble passive tone control circuit different value
Basic passive tone control circuit III

Not only that see other passive tone control circuit below.

Make a passive tone control circuit

See the circuit that you can use it works well.

Passive tone control circuit

How it works

When we feed a input signal to input of the circuit. The sound signal will come in to separate in 2 the ways.

The first way will via to a low pass filter. It includes R1, C1, C2, and R2. And it has the VR1 be adjusted the low frequency ratio gain or the bass.

The second way a signal will come to a high pass frequency filter section. They include C4, R5, C5, and VR2 be adjusted the value of
high frequency or treble.

The signal from both low and high pass frequency filter flow through R3 and R4 to the output.

Then, have C3 cleans the noise signals goes out away.

The Shopping list

0.25W Resistors, tolerance: 5%
R1: 8.2K
R2: 1K
R3: 4.7K
R4: 1.5K
R5: 100K

Ceramic Capacitors
C1,C2: 0.015µF 50V
C4, C5: 0.0015µF 50V
C3: 680pF 50V

VR1, VR2: 100K

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