TBA820M Amplifier circuit stereo 2 watts

This is the TBA820M Amplifier circuit stereo 2W+2W. It requires supply voltage 12V. Easy to build and cheap.

If you want a mini amplifier circuit. We have a lot of ways to do it. Today we use only IC. It is comfortable than the transistor.

First, you may use LM386, TDA2822.
Of course, we no have one way. Today let me tell you. To use TBA820M.

In the past, some people might see TBA820 having a DIP-14 pin.

But now I use TBA820M better. It is 8 DIP(dual in-line plastic package)

TBA820 AMP Audio 2W Mono B 8DIP

Thanks, photo TBA820M by MiZOELEC

The producer designed for audio frequency class b amplifier. low watts, wide voltage supply, and low THD.

More Features

  • Wide operating supply voltage: Vcc=3~14V
  • Output power(Po):
    • 2W at 12V/8Ω, THD=10%
    • 1.6W at 9V/4Ω
    • 1.2W at 9V/8Ω.
  • Output Peak Current IO(peak): 1.5 A
  • Low harmonic distortion: 0.2% typical
  • Performance specifications within 0~70 operating temperature range
  • Low quiescent circuit current: IQ=4mA(type)
  • Good ripple rejection
  • Little external parts required
  • No cross-over distortion
  • Low power dissipation
  • Often use in portable radios, cassette recorders and
    players etc

TBA820M Pinout

See in image diagram you will see pinout connection of TBA820M.

TBA820M pinout connection
  1. Frequency Compensation
  2. Gain Setting
  3. Input
  4. Ground
  5. Output
  6. Supply Voltage
  7. Bootstrap
  8. Ripple Rejection

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How it works

Look at the circuit below. I like this IC because we are comfortable. It is like an LM386.

First, we enter the power supply voltage to the circuit. Then, connect the input signal. Even have many parts but easy to understand.

  • R1 set the input impedance of this circuit is 100K
  • C2 and R2 control the gain of the amplifier
  • Both R3(1 ohm) and C3(100nF=0.1uF) will keep a good sound. They improve a high-frequency load for stability.
  • C3 controls the Ripple Rejection rate.
  • C6 is the output coupling capacitor. To connect the output signals to the speaker.
  • C1 filter a noise ripple from the power supply voltage.
circuit of power amplifier mini 2w + 2w using TBA820

PCB- TDA820M Mini Amp 2W+2W

PCB Design by Burak’ 2001

In Mono style is a few parts and very cheap. You can put them on the universal PCB. It saves time.

Read more Datasheet TBA820M – 1.2W AUDIO AMPLIFIER

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We can use this IC on the telephone.

Telephone Amplifier using LF351 and TBA820M

If your ring bell of the telephone is too light. Come here this way. This circuit maybe can help. It is a telephone amplifier circuit.

Telephone Amplifier using LF351+TBA820M

In circuit has two main equipment.

LF351 is preamplifier to increase the telephone signal from pick up to give the power goes up.

Then, transmit to IC TBA820M for amplifying with a loudspeaker. And VR1 controls the volume of the sound high or low level.

This circuit requires enough power supply. Do you have this one? If you do not have it. Look: A lot of Power supply circuits


I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

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6 thoughts on “TBA820M Amplifier circuit stereo 2 watts”

  1. Hello

    I have a problem with that 2×2 W Amp (TBA820M)
    I made the pcb, soldered the components and all looks fine, but it doesnt work… at all…

    The traces are ok, the connections are like they should be… any ideas what could be the reason?

  2. Compare your scheme with the tracks lay-out, check it’s nescessary Voltage 12 up to 16VDC and compare the scheme with the ic -data.pin outs.Possible you work with a damaged ic, so replace if an other new one works well. Don’t you miss a pot. at the input? Your scheme is probably a test circuit.The circuit with the load to ground will probably work better, I guess.This is an application.


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